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HZ pl Hassan Whiteside ‘a doable goal’ for Lakers as a DeMarcus Cousins reunion is unlikely, per report - The Times Hub

Hassan Whiteside ‘a doable goal’ for Lakers as a DeMarcus Cousins reunion is unlikely, per report

Hassan Whiteside ‘a doable goal’ for Lakers as a DeMarcus Cousins reunion is unlikely, per report

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The Los Angeles Lakers cleared a roster spot Monday evening after they determined to waive guard Quinn Cook dinner, and with Anthony Davis nonetheless out as a consequence of damage, the instant hypothesis was that they’d look so as to add a giant man to assist cope with his absence. Probably the most distinguished obtainable massive man is DeMarcus Cousins, who spent a part of final season on the Laker roster, and studies had already linked the 2 sides for a doable reunion. 

However in keeping with Brad Turner and Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Occasions, Cousins returning to the Lakers is unlikely at this level. They’re reporting that the Lakers will not be going to right away fill Cook dinner’s spot, which is sensible. The Lakers are pressed up towards the exhausting cap, and the longer they wait to fill their two vacant roster spots, the cheaper the pro-rated minimal contracts they provide free brokers shall be. That may permit them to maintain a couple of further {dollars} beneath the exhausting cap line in case they should make a barely unbalanced commerce on the deadline. 

A doable goal, in keeping with Turner and Woike, is Sacramento Kings massive man Hassan Whiteside. The Kings have fallen to No. 11 within the Western Convention and Whiteside is enjoying solely 14.6 minutes per recreation, his lowest whole since turning into a starter through the 2014-15 season. What he would provide the Lakers for the time being is sorely wanted dimension. They don’t at the moment have a seven-footer on the roster, and with Davis out, the Lakers have struggled to defend the rim. Whiteside doesn’t defend the perimeter nicely in any respect, however routinely racks up among the highest block totals in basketball. Whiteside would possible battle to earn minutes within the postseason when Davis will possible slide again over to heart for the majority of his minutes. Nonetheless, he may assist fill a regular-season void. 

The Lakers waived Cook dinner for flexibility above all else. It was an indication that Rob Pelinka believes that this roster must be upgraded. What kind that may take stays to be seen, but when he certainly plans to take his time as this report suggests, that signifies that nearly something could possibly be on the desk for the Lakers. 

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