Harvard scientists successfully tested a vaccine against coronavirus

Scientists from Harvard medical school conducted a successful test of a prototype vaccine against a coronavirus. Carried out relevant work on monkeys-the rhesus monkey, reports the Science portal.

Гарвардские ученые успешно испытали вакцину против коронавируса

In the study, the authors tested six potential DNA vaccines. They have launched a response to SARS-CoV-2 from the antibody, neutralizing activity of the pathogen. Used medicines are formed in a genetic construct, contributing to the synthesis of S-protein. The latter are also known as protein”spike”, it is located on the surface of the virus and is responsible for the connection with the receptor of host cells with subsequent penetration of the pathogen. Injection was done at 25 monkeys, and another 10 animals received a placebo. Three weeks later, subjects were exposed COVID-19. In the end, those who provided a full vaccine could reduce the viral load. In addition, eight primates coronavirus discovered.

Another work of the specialists allowed us to confirm that nine of the winning disease of monkeys subsequently showed protective immunity. Antibodies responsible for resistance to re the penetration of SARS-CoV-2.

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