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Harvard researchers say mysterious beings are hiding among us

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun13,2024

The truth is out there… what if the truth was finally found on Earth? Could aliens be hiding among us poor humans? This is what a study published by researchers from Harvard University and Montana Technological University in the United States suggests.

Harvard researchers claim mysterious beings are hiding among us

Incognito aliens among us

What if we cohabited with extraterrestrials without even knowing it? The idea may seem far-fetched to you and yet this is what American researchers have just concluded who, after having observed the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena, àgrave; namely the observation of UFOs, that the latter “can reflect an activity of intelligent beings hidden under Earth, in its surroundings or among us ” while pretending to be human. If you think this idea is a big joke, researchers at The origin of this study is based on several theories. 

Indeed, scientists believe thatAn ancient, advanced technological civilization could live around us in an environment close to our planet like on the Moon or Mars and would observe us. It could also be that these forms of life that we would never have discovered could live underground or take on a human appearance in order to blend in with the crowd strong>. Thus, by being incognito, these beings could evolve without us realizing it.

The theory of the reptilians who control the Earth validated?

The study specifies that these strange beings could come from another planet and even from another era and are < strong>qualified as “earthly angels” because they would be “less technological than magical”.

Harvard researchers say mysterious beings are hiding among us

We also learn that “ships and other unexplained phenomena could “enter and exit through access points ;s underground like volcanoes“. This would mean that these places which are full of lava could therefore house underground or underwater stations. And that's not all since the researchers of the study suggest that these beings Mysterious people could take the form of primates or reptiles such as the famous reptilians who control our world like the conspiracy theory popularized by David Icke in the 1990s. >

Harvard researchers say mysterious beings are hiding among us

In reading this study, certain ideas may make you think of: those that Avi Loeb, controversial astrophysicist, from Harvard, had suggested. The latter had advanced the idea that other intelligent civilizations would have lived elsewhere. a billion years apart on Earth or on the planet Mars without being aware of their respective existence. 

Finally, in conclusion of this study, the authors specify that the hypothesis that beings from an advanced civilization are hiding among us could be received with skepticism by other scientists. However, it would allow us to better “understand the current empirical mystery of UFOs”.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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