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Harry Potter: this actor will be the big bad guy in the Spider-Noir series

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul11,2024

Formerly titled Spider-Man Black, the next live-action Marvel series produced by Prime Video is now being made call Spider-Black. Small small, the information around the show is becoming clearer in particular withthe composition of the casting. Today, a star from the Harry Potter saga joins the cast.

Harry Potter: this actor will be the big bad guy in the Spider-Noir series

A very different Spider-Man ;rent from the version of Peter Parker

It's in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Versereleased in 2023 and which has been a real hit at the box office that the public was able to discover the black Spider-Man, one of the variants of the spider-man. Faced with success, Sony therefore decided to to surf on it by launching the project of a live-action series which will be devoted to this character.

In this Marvel series produced by Prime Video, the plot takes place in the 1930s to 1930s. New York and we follow Spider-Man Noir who evolves in an atmosphere reminiscent of film noir. This version of the Spider-Man is very different from the one we know from Peter Parker: this private detective equipped with of its waterproof is considered as an “older, graying superhero.” doubled in the cinema by Nicolas Cage.

Harry Potter: this actor will be the big bad guy in the Spider-Noir series

Besides the actor will be back in the live series to play the character. Spider-Blackis developed by Oren Uziel and Steve Lightfoot à which includes The Punisher and the program risks being very faithful to the comics of David Hine, Fabrice Sapolsky and Carmine Di Giandomenico. Nicolas Cage will also be accompanied by by Lamorne Morris seen in New Girl or even Fargo. According to information from Deadline, the latter will play Robbie Robertson, an African-American journalistfor whom his work matters more than anything and does not hesitate to do so. take risks to cover stories and cash a big check.

Harry Potter: this actor will be the big bad guy in the Spider series -Noir

The casting of Spider-Noir finds a Harry Potter star

Around these two actors, another figure well known to fans of the Harry Potter universe will be there. Indeed, this time it is the American media Variety which reveals the identity of of the actor who will play the role of the antagonist of the series. To assign this role, production decided to to choose Brendan Gleeson. If this name doesn't mean anything to you, it's this actor who plays Alastar Moody “Mad-Eye” in the film adaptation of the work of J.K. Rowling.

 Harry Potter: this actor will be the big bad guy in the Spider-Noir series

Named at the Oscars for The Banshees of Inisherin, the world of superheroes will be a new experience for the Irish actor. He will also be in the cast of Joker: Madness & Agrave; Twoalongside Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga(whose performance as Harley Quinn was praised).

Now remains at ; know which villain Gleeson will play. For the moment, we do not yet know the broadcast date for the Spider-Noir series.

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