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Harry Potter: the 7 best potions in the magical universe

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun22,2024

Potions are plentiful in the Harry Potter universe and they can be used to help you. kind regards. If we had been able to see the most dangerous of them, today we are looking at the 7 best potions known to date. to this day and whose usefulness for a wizard worthy of the name is no longer available. prove.

Harry Potter: the 7 best potions in the magical universe

#7 Baruffio's Brain Elixir

Harry Potter: the 7 best potions in the magical universe

We start this ranking with this potion that appeared in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenixand for good reason, it proves particularly useful for our young wizards who take exams. This Brain Elixir from Baruffio allows nothing less than to increase concentration and agility. mental, in addition to having less need for sleep. A simply insane potion to succeed in your OWLs or ASPICs, without even talking about intellectual work of all kinds and if there are any There are undesirable effects, we do not know them at this time. this day.

#6 Poussoss

Harry Potter: the 7 best potions in the magical universe

After Harry has fallen brooms, during a Quidditch match in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, it is sent à the infirmary and it is not thanks to the “talents” of Gilderoy Lockhart that our young wizard manages to succeed. regain the use of his arm. Madame Pomfrey gives to Harry an unsavory potion, but extremely effective: Poussoss. The latter allows you to repair and even regrow bones, which undoubtedly makes it the best healing potion in the magical universe.

#5 Potion of invisibility

Harry Potter: the 7 best potions of the magical universe

Unknown to readers of the saga and budding movie buffs, this potion appears in the game Hogwarts Legacy. Although less practical than an invisibility cloak, the Invisibility Potion, as its name suggests, allows the wizard who ingests it to become invisible for a short period of time, which It can be very useful during infiltration missions and to hide from an enemy, or even at home. the opportunity to make a joke a friend for the most teasing.

#4 Élixir of long life

Harry Potter: the 7 best potions in the magical universe

Mentioned at Many times in the Harry Potter saga, the elixir of long life is made with the help of the Philosopher's Stone and has the property to make its user almost immortal.Coveted by Lord Voldemort during the first year at home. Hogwarts of our young wizard round glasses, the elixir of long life was concocted by the renowned alchemist Nicolas Flamel over many years and it allowed to the latter and his wife Pernelle to live more than 600 years, before the couple decides to destroy the Philosopher's Stone, in order to prevent the Dark Lord from once again seeking to ; get your hands on it. This elixir which almost gives eternal life does not, however, prevent the body from aging, as demonstrated so well by the physical state of Nicolas Flamel inLes Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, which is a small nuance to the original take into account.

#3 Polynectar

Harry Potter: The 7 Best Potions in the Magical Universe

The first potion to cause a sensation during the young wizard's adventures, Polyjuice Potion appears in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, before returning many times during the rest of the saga. This potion, which still requires an entire month to be prepared, allows nothing less than to take on the appearance of someone else, which can turn out to be very dangerous. very useful, even if not very ethical.Consumed by our young heroes during the second opus of the adventures of Harry Potter, to lead to well their investigation into the identity of of the heir of Slytherin, Polyjuice turns out to be used for much darker purposes by Barty Crouch Junior, when the latter takes the appearance of Alastor Moody, in order to rig the Triwizard Tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and allow the return of Lord Voldemort.

#2 Veritaserum

Harry Potter: the 7 best potions in the magical universe

First seen during the fourth year at the university. At Hogwarts of our young Harry, Severus Snape threatens the young hero to use it on the latter, if he notices new thefts in the cupboard where he puts away his potion ingredients, before using it for something else. at the end of the same year on the false Alastor Moody, which allows us to reveal the truth. everyone's true identity of the latter who is none other than Barty Crouch Junior cited in upper. This Veritaserum is none other than the most powerful truth serum available. known to This day, which allows you to loosen the tongue of the person who ingests it. A very useful serum which can help in many cases, when loyalty is lacking. for some is not obvious and mistrust is present.

#1 Felix Felicis

Harry Potter: the 7 best potions in the magical universe

Without a doubt the best of all potions, this is presented to us by Professor Horace Slughorn, during his first course at Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The Felix Felicis is nothing short of liquid luck, making it easy for everyone to win. the one that ingests to lead to well everything he does, but it still takes six long months to prepare it. Harry receives a vial as a reward, from Slughorn himself during this first course, which subsequently allows you to learn more our hero to discover the secret of the same professor at home. about young Tom Riddle and the nature of Horcruxes. If this potion is simply the best way to achieve this goal, For its purposes, its use is however very restricted and cannot be used during exams or sports competitions, such as during Quidditch matches.

Tell us in the comments your favorite potion and be sure to find out why Harry didn't use Felix Felicis to defeat Lord Voldemort.

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