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Harry Potter quiz: how well do you know the saga?

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

The Harry Potter universe has marked a whole generation in the 2000s. The heroes grew up along with the fans from2001 to 2001. 2011,making it one of the most popular cinematic sagas of all time. So, we thought; thatyou would be interested in by a quiz covering the entirety of the feature films from the franchise.

Harry Potter quiz: how well do you know the saga?

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one of the most popular cinema sagas of all time

That's the least we can say.&nbsp ;The saga gave place à a new film series called Fantastic Beasts taking place before the events of the sorcerer at glasses, where fans were able to find a much younger Albus Dumbledore. But fans remain attached to the original films, based on the works of author J.K Rowling. This allowed many fans totravel into a magical universe at a glance. the well-crafted story.

Harry Potter quiz: how well do you know the saga?

The saga continues to be popular, even after more than ten years! Few franchises can boast of being so much. So, we said to ourselves that a little quiz wouldn't hurt you, just to test your knowledge thanks to our questionnaire composed of 30 questions multiple choice. Discover it without further delay!

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