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Harry Potter quiz: are you an expert in spells from the saga?

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun12,2024

Between 2001 and 2011, Harry Potter conquered the 7th art with 8 now cult films. Everyone knows Harry Potter and its endings, but do you really know the saga well? And by “really good”, we mean “to the point of making the great masters of the wizarding world drool with jealousy”. Try the experience with our quiz on the origins of the names of these 15 cult spells.

Harry Potter Quiz: Are you an expert in spells from the saga?

Harry Potter and cult spells

Morsmordre, Avada Kedavra, Expelliarmus, cult spells, Harry Potter has a host of them.The wizards of imagined universe by J.K. Rowling use it throughout the saga, for more or less useful and more or less devastating effects.While some spells are prohibited, others remain accessible to everyone. any level.

Harry Potter Quiz: Are you an expert on spells from the saga?

When Hogwarts' apprentice wizards practice their skills the execution of Wingardium Leviosa, Alohomora and other Levioso, the most powerful display their talent with Meteorribilis, Partis Temporus or even the forbidden Avada Kedavra. But while you know certainly their names, do you really know their origins? Only one way to find out: respond to your questions. this quiz. 15 questions to determine if you are a muggle, a mudblood or a wizard, at your fingertips. you to make your knowledge shine.

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