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Harry Potter: how the series can improve the two worst films in the saga

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul2,2024

The future Harry Potter series developed by HBO and Warner could well improve these two films in the cinema saga, which have aged well since then their releases in the 2000s.

Harry Potter: how the series can improve the two worst films in the saga

The Harry Potter series, a boon for highlighting forgotten passages in the films

By announcing a Harry Potter reboot in series, Warner Bros. Discovery has undoubtedly ensured that this is the case. a very prosperous future. Like one season per volume, the series will focus for a good ten years on the schooling of the student. from the young wizard to; glasses and the gradual rise of Voldemort as the great threat weighing on the wizarding world.

If many fans have criticized This bias rather than telling brand new interesting stories and developing the lore, this long format will be an opportunity to highlight certain forgotten passages and characters from the films , as well as extending those told in the books of J.K. Rowling.

Harry Potter: How the Series Can Improve the Two Worst Films in the Saga

How the Series Can Improve Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

And regarding the films, two of them could well see themselves undergo a serious welcome lick of paint. It is of course Harry Potter & agrave; The Sorcerer's Stoneand Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. And there are several reasons why. that.

First of all, the first two parts of the saga were aimed at; a younger audience, and have been treated as such, notably in the film by Chris Columbus. We imagine that with Warner Bros. and HBO at the baguette, the series will borrow more serious shades. The opportunity to depict certain sequences differently, such as the attack of the Cave Troll in the girls' toilets, which has taken a serious turn for the worse, fifteen years later.&nbsp ;

Harry Potter: how the series can improve the two worst films in the saga

On the other hand, since these are the two shortest volumes of the saga, with 305 and 364 pages respectively, Warner has the leisure toexamine on the issues of the saga. tails that J.K. Rowling did not dwell on.But be careful though; do not fall into the trap of a sluggish narration where not much happens, at the risk of frustrating some fans waiting for new features and twists. It's there the problem of such a format. HBO/Warner will have to be skillful and use the necessary magic in order to keep its readership in suspense.

To do this, the possibilities are multiple. First, the series is a boon for HBO, that ofcorrect the inconsistencies that litter the first two opuses. We are thinking of ease of use with which Harry Ron and Hermione circumvent the tests of the Philosopher's Stone while they are only in first year, the problems linked to the Basilisk in the walls of the castle, the destruction The discovery of the Chamber of Secrets, or Dobby's useless warning which prevents Harry from going to the Chamber of Secrets. Hogwarts even though he is in no danger there.

Harry Potter: how the series can improve the two worst films in the saga

HBO could choose to put in front of other characters and to place the story from their points of view, in order to elevate its first seasons in maturity, and to avoid a kind of childish repetition. The long format of a television series offers many opportunities to delve deeper into the lives of several important characters, Dumbledore at the head.

We remind you that the project is progressing well. HBO and Warner Bros. Discovery have announced lthe first names who will be responsible for leading to well the series planned for 2026.

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