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Harry Potter: HBO will confuse you with this name change

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun26,2024

Since the merger of HBO Max and Discovery+ announced by the Warner Bros. Discovery group, to make a single entity called Max, things have become confusing for fans of the encrypted channel's series. And this change promulgated by HBO regarding the next Harry Potter series is not going to help see more clearly.

Harry Potter: HBO will confuse you with this name change

Harry Potter, in 2026 on MAX

Expected on Max, the series Harry Potter, reboot of the adventures of the young wizard with glasses will allow fans of the books and films as well as the most neophytes to (re)discover the magic of Hogwarts.

If the project is still in its early stages, in its infancy (the casting has not been announced, filming has therefore not yet started; and the project is still at the writing stage), it should arrive in 2026 on the new event platformwhich has landed in France at the beginning of June.

Harry Potter: HBO will confuse you with this name change

HBO, max originals, hbo originals, what's the problem with harry potter?

However, Warner has opted for a rather nebulous change of strategy. Indeed, the series previously stamped “Max Originals” is changing its brandingto fall under the name “HBO Originals”. To make a long story short, she goes from Max to Max. HBO. A change in shoulder gun that doesn't change much insofar as it doesn't change much. Harry Ron and Hermione will do well in their classes on the Max platform and its very attractive catalog.

Faced with this modification, HBO boss Casey Bloys explained: :“When we started à To produce these shows, we used the same methods, the same type of thinking, as on the HBO shows. And in many cases, it is the same talents who worked in this field. on HBO shows. We ended up getting shows of this scope and scale that look great. […] The idea of ​​delimitation began à seem unnecessary. We said to ourselves, why are we doing this? Let's just call them what they are: HBO series.

Harry Potter: HBO will confuse you with this name change

Understand, HBO will reserve the label “HBO Originals ” its most prestigious productions, when more minor programs will be stamped “Max Originals”. A rather clever strategy when we know the worldwide reputation of the name “HBO”, while “Max” does not yet have the same reach, at least not at all. at the moment.

Harry Potter is not the only one concerned.Welcome to Derry,the prequel to It, passes also from Max àgrave; HBO, just like Lanterns, the new series co-written by Chris Mundy and Damon Lindelof.

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