Harry Potter: Emma Watson makes this magnificent and touching declaration of love to Tom Felton

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It has been twelve years since the Harry Potter cyclecompleted. in the cinema, and the saga continues to excite the fans. It is enough to realize it to lend an eye to; public attention to the life of movie stars. Today, we come back to this touching declaration of love that Emma Watson made to; Tom Felton

Harry Potter: Emma Watson makes this beautiful and touching declaration of love to Tom Felton

“We are soul mates”

Released between 2001 and 2011, the Harry Potter saga is one of the most important film sagas of all time. The adaptation of J.K. Rowling's fantasy novels has flooded the our collective imagination of marvelous images. Even today, if the cycle of Fantastic Beastshardly to fully find its audience, the films Harry Potter have a place to be. part in the cinematographic landscape, enthroned with other tutelary saga, such as The Lord of the Ringsor Star Wars. < /p>

If the films Harry Potter have featured famous actors, such as Alan Rickman, Richard Harris, Maggie Smith, Gary Oldman or David Thewlis, the saga also knew how to impose a cast of young beginner actors, including the trio of heroes: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. Having become an icon of feminism, the latter ;re turned heads and beat the hearts of many glamorous fans. 

Harry Potter: Emma Watson makes this beautiful and touching declaration of love to Tom Felton

Emma Watson tied the knot; a strong friendship with his colleague Tom Felton, who played the role of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter saga. We learned some time ago that the two friends were in love with each other, but not at the same time.À the occasion of a preface that she wrote for the autobiography of Tom Felton, Emma Watson took advantage of it. to make a magnificent declaration of love to the interpreter of Harry's rival at; screen. 

Do you see that person in your life who always listens to you and understands you? Who is at your side for the big and small moments? The one who knows, who really knows, what is happening to you, what you are going through, without you having to say a single word? For me, that person is Tom Felton. 

Our friendship allowed me to overcome the most difficult moments of my life. It has a heart the size of a planet. I have never seen ça elsewhere. He is incredibly generous with his fans and the community. Harry Potter at large.

He embodies a real villain in the movies. He may have sometimes thought; that he was one. But, believe me, nothing is further away. of reality. He is creative, sensitive and sincere. He is someone who wants to love everything and everyone.

Like Tom, I struggle a lot when I have to explain to people the nature of our relationship. For more than twenty years now, we have loved each other at; our way. I lost count of how many times I someone said to us: “You must have kissing you“, “There is something behind all çthat!“. But it is much deeper than çthat. pure as I can conceive.

We are kindred spirits and we will always protect each other. Ça is friendship. To be understood and loved in this way is one of the greatest gifts life has given me. The world is lucky to have you, and I'm even more lucky to have you as a friend.

Harry Potter: Emma Watson makes this beautiful and touching declaration of love to Tom Felton

You will understand, the two actors really love each other with a friendship; sincere, even if they do not necessarily have the same opinion concerning the comments of J.K. Rowling and which earned him a reputation as a transphobe. Fans of Harry Potter, who may have been touched by the beautiful declaration of friendship from Tom Felton to; with regard to Daniel Radcliffe, are no doubt eagerly awaiting the publication of Tom Felton's book. Good news, since it will appear in France under the title Par delà magic – Confessions of a Wizard, April 12, 2023.