Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe responds to Alan Rickman's criticism of his acting

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The memoirs of the late Alan Rickman, the interpreter ofProfessor Snape in Harry Potter, have recently been released in the Kingdom -United. The opportunity to find out what this excellent actor thought of his work colleagues. He was not always very tender, but Daniel Radcliffe does not seem to have held it against him. 

Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe responds to Alan Rickman's criticism of his acting

Alan Rickman, an actor without language

As an experienced actor and talented in his field, Alan Rickman necessarily had certain requirements. It is for this reason that the filming of the first Harry Potter films sometimes seems to have taken its patience; tough test: difficult to be as efficient as possible when working with young actors who are just starting out in the profession. In his little diary which eventually became a veritable diary, Alan Rickman therefore did not hesitate to to give his opinion, sometimes raw, on the interpreters of Ron, Hermione and company. But it is probably Daniel Radcliffe, the interpreter of the “boy who survived”, who took the most for his rank:

I still don't think he's an actor, but there's no doubt that he will be a director or a producer. He has such great support from his parents. 

Unveiled a month and a half ago, these writings did not cause the actors concerned to react publicly. this topic a few days ago, during an appearance on the talk show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Daniel Radcliffe, respectful and full of nostalgia

If we suspected that the principals concerned by the writings of Alan Rickman in his diary would not be offended so many years later and would not spit on an actor who acted as a mentor, we didn't expect either; such a positive return from Daniel Radcliffe. particularly enthusiastic and even considers that Rickman had – partly – been right.

I would love to direct, that's for sure. Producing, &cced it seems to bring together all the difficult parts of the industry without none of the fun part, so ça doesn’t really interest me. But yes, I would love to direct.

As for the criticisms that the interpreter of the legendary Professor Snape was able to make, in particular on his acting and his lack of seriousness in his work, Daniel Radcliffe completely understands them. He accepts these words with humility; and even feels nostalgic (maybe a little moved?) reading all those 20-year-old comments.

All those things that Alan wrote, it was… it was very cute and nostalgic to read his comments to. about usin mode: “these children must learn their dialogues, it's a bit of a nightmare at the moment”. [Reading] all these things, since we met while I was playing, it was very nice. 

Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe responds to Alan Rickman's criticism of his acting

Through these few words, we feel all the respect that had the young actor for Alan Rickman. Moreover, after his death, he had published; a message on his social networks,  in which he stated that “working with him at such an age was very important, and I will carry the lessons he taught me for the rest of my life and career. ;re”.It looks like Daniel Radcliffe will keep his promise.