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Harry Potter: bought for 1 euro, this rare edition soon sold for thousands of euros

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun25,2024

One ​​of the very first editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, printed in very few copies, will soon be sold at auction for a crazy sum. The buyer who got it for one euro is going to get a bargain.

Harry Potter: bought for 1 euro, this rare edition will soon sell for thousands of euros

the magic of harry potter is exported to trade fairs, conventions and auctions

Like any ultra-popular pop culture franchise, Harry Potter brings together a huge community. of fans, and some of whom are ready to break the bank to treat themselves to certain limited edition objects, but also elements of the decor used in the filming of films, which can only be seen on display at conventions and lounges.

It is for example during auctions that these precious artifacts can be recovered. In 2022, copies of letters from Warner Bros. requesting authorization to use the house at 4 Privet Drive as a filming location were able to be purchased, as wasa first pocket edition of the first volume (48th print) signed by Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Melling (Dudley Dursley) and Chris Columbus (the director of the film), with a total value of 2129 euros.

< p>Harry Potter: bought for 1 euro, this rare edition will soon sell for thousands euros

Purchased one euro, this very rare edition soon sold for thousands

This time, it'sone of the first versions of'Harry Potter &àgrave; the school of wizards which will soon be sold at auction, at the end of July. Purchased for only one pound, the edition containsa spelling error transforming the name of the author J.K Rowling into «J.A Rowling». It s This is a test copy produced before the official publication of the novel, for evaluation purposes. This is also thefirst time that Harry Potter appears in print, reveals the newspaper The Independent.

This edition was acquired by St. Kenelm's School in Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire, in a publisher's promotion for just £1 (€1.18) in 1997, the year the book was published, long before the Harry Potter series became a global success. It remained in their possession until 2002, when it was sold to a local shopkeeper, Dale Henry, for an unknown sum, to be used for the benefit of the area, and the owner planned to donate the proceeds to the community.

Harry Potter: Bought for 1 euro, this rare edition soon sold for thousands of euros

“When I first heard about the draft, I was immediately intrigued by its unique history and connection to the region, as well as the fact that my wife is a devout Potter fan. I hope others feel the same way, and I see this auction as an opportunity to give back to the community during a difficult time,” the seller said.

Bidding for the book is expected to start at £1,969 (€2,328).It will be sold at the Historical Platinum auction in Dallas on July 25, with pre-bidding opening on Friday, June 28.

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