Harry Potter: a nod to Hagrid in the game Hogwarts Legacy?

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Harry Potter: a nod to Hagrid in the Hogwarts Legacy game?

Hogwarts Legacy, new Harry Potter video game which is a resounding success, has it made an easter egg tribute to the interpreter of Hagrid in the films, Robbie Coltrane ?

There are disappearances of actors that haunt us. Take Robbie Coltrane, eternal interpreter of Rubeus Hagrid in the film saga Harry Potter. The British actor is died in October 2022 thus leaving all fans in endless grief. His brutal and sudden disappearance, at the age of 72, had greatly aroused the emotion of the HP fandomon social networks. Recently, the video game Hogwarts Legacy reportedly paid a low-key tribute to Robbie Coltrane. We take stock.

On Tik Tok, WhySoSirius, whose nickname honors Sirius Black in Harry Potter and the Joker in The Dark Knight, made a video in which he explains that he found this tribute to Robbie/Hagrid. The player even made a tutorialto help newbies find it. It is necessary, according to his instructions in his online video, to go to the side of the hut of the Hogwarts gamekeeper. Near the future cottage of Hagrid, because the character is absent from the game, we can find a grave on which is engraved the name of Buck. The hippogriff that belonged to our hero before Harry and Hermionetake it to rescue Sirius from a high tower at the Sorcerer's Stone in Prisoner of Azkaban.

Hogwarts Legacy >: Buck's grave would be a tribute to Robbie Coltrane

And presto! This easter egg was relatively well hidden in Hogwarts Legacy. Or at least, relatively discreet. Of course, Hagrid's name cannot appear on the stele because the character does not exist in this extended universe which takes place almost two centuries before the Harry Potter narrative arc. In fact, if we are to believe the interpretation of WhySoSirius, and some of his followers who hastened to go and see the hippogriff's tomb for themselves, this wink would be a devious tribute to Recently deceased Robbie Coltrane. Why not… We just wonder why the game developers didn't push the sliders of their tribute to the bottom… By entering the first and last name of the famous and late interpreter of Rubeus Hagrid, for example.