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DS bU Happy as a fish in water - The Times Hub

Happy as a fish in water

Happy as a fish in water

During his boxing career, Antonin Décarie has always been attracted to the business world. He didn’t know it, but that’s it who would occupy his days after his retirement from sports.

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This passion began to develop while he was part of the national amateur team. Décarie started his residential home renovation business.

Happy as a fish in water

He would buy houses, renovate them with building contractors, then resell them.

” I have freaked out my first home at the age of 22. During my years in the national team, I received government subsidies, but I put them aside, ”explains Antonin Décarie.

“At the end of my amateur career, I was able to make a down payment of $ 100,000 on the purchase of our first home to renovate. I didn’t do the work, but I managed the projects. “

Even though he loved boxing, he was aware that few boxers are able to have a golden retirement.

“When I was boxing among amateurs, I didn’t even think I would reach the professional ranks. I was studying management science at university. I couldn’t see too far.

“I always thought I wouldn’t make enough money to make a living from boxing after my career. I decided to diversify my business. “

Happy as a fish in water

Gentle end

In the last miles of his journey between the cables, Décarie had begun to place his pawns for his future. He discovered he was hooked on promoter Camille Estephan, who appointed him vice president of Eye of the Tiger Management.

“I got this promotion while I was still boxing. I started to think about my life after boxing. As I tell our proteges, if you’re not 100% sure you will get to the top, it’s not worth boxing. It’s so dangerous as a sport. It’s only the cream that makes the money. You are the top or you are nothing. “

Happy as a fish in water

Décarie finally hung up his gloves in 2014 without making an official announcement.

“I no longer felt the same motivation. Training had never been a sacrifice, but now it was at this level. I never thought I was talented enough to half train.

“At the gym, my trainer, Marc Ramsay, noticed some things that were noticeable like the lack of balance and the loss of speed.

“Then I added the post of President of InterBox to my duties and my role as a businessman took on more and more space. My transition to retirement was natural. “

At the same time, he opened a fitness gym with his then-wife. Gym Addiction, like all companies in the same field, has been struggling since the start of the pandemic. However, Décarie intends to weather the storm to the end.

One job, two passions

Today, Décarie is a happy man. As Vice President of Eye of the Tiger Management, he has the chance to combine his two passions: business and boxing.

“I like to do business and recruiting, he says. However, I wouldn’t be able to be in the gym all the time.

“During the evenings where there are galas, I still have butterflies in my stomach. It turns me on. However, this flame is extinguished the next morning. “

The boxing world is full of businessmen with long teeth. You have to be able to hold your own in the negotiations to prevent your protégé from finding himself in a perilous situation.

“This is what is difficult business boxing. In all businesses, you want maximum return with minimum expense.

“In boxing, you can’t think like that because there is a human side behind it. “

With Camille Estephan, he forms a complementary duo.

“Camille has a temper and he is aware of it. He loves his boxers so much that he is ready to defend them until the end.

“When I see that the pressure is mounting on certain issues, I often suggest that he settle them for him. Over the years, I know what makes it fall off its hinges. If you want to get around his values ​​which are deeply rooted in him, it can become explosive. “

Antonin Décarie is a quiet force. He found his place in the world of boxing and we can think that he will be part of it for several years.

A former champion in studies


Happy as a fish in water

Archive photo, QMI Agency

Diaconu made every boxer’s dream come true: to become world champion in front of his family and friends. Even if it’s an interim title. Afterward, he watched the WBC light heavyweight title slip through his fingers as he suffered back-to-back losses to Jean Pascal.

Happy as a fish in water

File photo, Ben Pelosse

Less than two years later, he hung up his gloves after a setback against Chad Dawson.

“My body sent me a message that I couldn’t box anymore. He couldn’t follow anymore, especially my right arm. Without this injury, I could have continued for a few years. If I had done it with a bad arm, it would have been dangerous with all the hitters in our division (175 lbs). “

Diaconu does not hide it, he misses boxing a lot. However, his health was more important than his passion for his sport.

Today he is a security guard. At the same time, he is studying to become an electrician in Quebec.

“I am completing the studies I started in Romania. Your athletic career does not last forever. You have to start over and keep working hard. “

As for the boxing world, he is still in contact with a few boxers, including Lucian Bute, who lives a few meters from his home.

He is still married to his then-wife Adina. The couple have two children.


Happy as a fish in water

The jacket and tie suit him well

The name of Baha Laham is not familiar among boxing fans. His 16-fight career ended with two losses.

“I had not delivered good performances and I had been shaken a few times. “

Happy as a fish in water

Archive photo, QMI Agency

Subsequently, his promoter Camille Estephan did not want to give him a fight again.

“He wanted me to quit so that I would stay healthy, but I didn’t want to quit. That’s all I knew. “

Luckily, during his career, Laham had studied law and finance. These years spent at school would allow him to quickly find a job at the end of his boxing career.

“Camille offered me a job as a broker in his wealth management office. I decided to jump into the world of finance with both feet. It was the best decision I made in my life. I have had the greatest successes of my life in this area. I can easily do this until I retire. “

Besides, he sees a certain resemblance between boxing and finances.

“In both, you reap what you sow. In boxing, if you don’t train 120%, you’re not going to be great. As a broker, it is the same. You have to work hard, especially at the beginning, when you have to build a clientele. ”


Happy as a fish in water

A heavyweight at the controls

After a hard defeat in front of his supporters in 2008, David Cadieux decided to retire. He resisted the temptation of a comeback against Jean-François Bergeron the following year.

“I was in the process of finishing my bachelor’s degree in special education at UQTR. I withdrew from this duel to finish my university. Subsequently, I did a master’s degree at ENAP in public administration. “

Happy as a fish in water

In sporting terms, reality hit Cadieux after his two shocks against Patrice L’Heureux.

“The fight against Ross Puritty (2007) made me realize things. I had a headache for three days. I wasn’t ready to die to get to the top. “

To ensure a smooth transition to his retirement from sports, he went to work as a manager with the aboriginal communities of the Mauricie for nine years.

“At 35, I didn’t know much about management. With the Aboriginals, I learned the concepts of public administration fairly quickly. I negotiated the issues with the governments of Quebec and Canada. “

Subsequently, he found work in the City of Louiseville as director of the recreation and culture department. Then, in January 2019, he made the jump to Shawinigan as director of recreation, culture and community life.

“I am from Trois-Rivières, but I fell in love with Shawinigan. I decided to settle there. It is a beautiful region. “

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