Hamilton runs into Spa, Ricciardo smiles and Ferrari continues with his depression

Hamilton runs into Spa, Ricciardo smiles and Ferrari continues with his depression

The Briton achieves his 89th victory and beats Verstappen by 47 points. Leclerc and Vettel travel to Monza with a double zero. Renault shows muscle, in the countdown to the arrival of Alonso

Hamilton runs into Spa, Ricciardo smiles and Ferrari continues with his depression

A few meters from the mythical curve of Eau Rouge there is a tombstone in memory of Ayrton Senna. A place of worship that the coronavirus has left this year without pilgrims. The legendary Brazilian pilot claimed to see God when he ascended that ramp towards infinity. That feeling is well known to Lewis Hamilton, who conquered the Spa Labyrinth for the fourth time in his career. He passed 44 times by the monument that remembers his childhood idol. That Senna who prompted him to fight for what he is today. With the foot always in depth, without any fear of the ambushes that are hidden in that lush forest of The Ardennes, which hides so many stories. Among them, that of Hamilton himself, after putting another firm scribble in that adventure book that narrates, without remedy, his journey to the pedestal of Michael Schumacher. While all this was happening, Carlos Sainz, who was prevented from taking the start by the McLaren, had no choice but to clench his fist from the garage and bite his lip.

In the imposing landscape that hides the asphalt of Spa, Hamilton embroidered perfectly and raced against himself during the 44 laps of the track. If anything, he can be blamed for a little track light as he flew relentlessly to his 89th career victory. Your pulse may have quickened a bit when, in the final laps, you found your right front wheel vibrating strangely. That is why when he got out of the Mercedes, after recalling his friend Chadwick Boseman, making the Black Panther gesture, he gently caressed that rubber that, this time, unlike what happened in Silvestone, had allowed him to reach the final smooth.

Beyond some flash of Max Verstappen , who could never catch up with Bottas, it was a silent afternoon at Spa. Without the classic crowd that is used to hiding in every corner of the forest, the biggest noise was signed by Giovinazzi and Russell , in a spectacular accident with no consequences for either of them. It was the perfect excuse for the troops to go through the garage to comply with the obligatory tire change.

Ricciardo's extra point

On the eve of the visit to the Monza sanctuary, accustomed to the deafening fervor of the Tifosi colorados, the Ferraris completed one of the saddest weekends in memory. Both Vettel (13th) and Leclerc (14th) finished more than a minute behind the head of the race. If a year ago, the Monegasque won his first race at Spa, now he suffers on the back of a car that travels aimlessly. Even after his second stop, he was close to taking his partner away. In that tumultuous Ferrarista garage Carlos Sainz will land in a few months. Another thing is that by then the director of the 'Scuderia' Mattia Binotto is still there.

Among the Italian twilight, Daniel Ricciardo appeared radiant with a Renault that left great sensations on the Belgian asphalt. No one will ever know what would have happened if the race had lasted a few more laps, but the Australian's tires, much finer than those of his rivals, showed a podium finish. At least he was able to leave with the satisfaction of a fast lap that gives his locker one more point. His teammate Esteban Ocon finished fifth. Who knows if Fernando Alonso , from his sofa, also outlined a smile.

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