Hailey Biber spoke about Justin's camp after paralysis

Hailey Biber spoke about Justin's camp after paralysis

Haley Bieber spoke about Justin's stan after paralysis

The disease hit the right side individuals of the face of vikonavtsya.

Haley Bieber took her time to go to the hospital with a microstroke.

The team of American idol Justin Bieber interrupted the mourning after the news about the paralysis of the vicons. Haley knew that for her sim’ї one more ailment was an important test.

Everything started with a few concerts. Justin rose, that yoga is progressing. It was undeniably clear that the musician has Ramsey-Hunt syndrome – a form of operative herpes, which causes nerve damage and hearing loss. The other day, she performed at the Good Morning America show that rozpovіla, scho at the same time with the 28th spivak.

“Everything is good with the new one, the wine feels richer. Obviously, the situation was even more terrible. I’m a vdyachna, scho vin harazd, ”she shared.