Hackers have stolen Microsoft Windows source codes

Microsoft officials said they were investigating how valuable information was shared

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Хакеры украли у Microsoft исходные коды Windows

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The source code for the original game Microsoft Xbox (2001) appeared in the Internet. Along with the Xbox were stolen the source code for older versions of Windows NT 3.5 (1994). Despite the importance of these leaks are minor, given the age of the software, but Microsoft does not want this information became public, as it is the intellectual property of the Corporation.

Materials leakage Xbox includes the operating system kernel console, which was partially based on Windows 2000, as well as some of the build environment, the emulators used for testing, Xbox Development Kit and internal documentation of Microsoft, reports The Verge.

See also in the story about one of stars of show business became a victim of hackers:

Representatives of Microsoft said it is now investigating how valuable to the Corporation information was shared.

Хакеры украли у Microsoft исходные коды Windows

Original Xbox 2001 its source code leaked to the Internet

What can affect the leak? According to The Verge, the source codes will help the enthusiasts to create the emulator PlayStation, which is still not functioning properly However, at the same time Microsoft itself has sent the source code to some individual users in private.

Also among the leaked material leaked codes final version of Windows NT 3.5. The article says that the dump includes all the necessary build tools to allow enthusiasts to delve into the legacy OS. Originally released in 1994 Windows NT 3.5 is the second release of Windows NT. Operating system codenamed Daytona was focused on performance and stability, expanding the ideas inherent in Windows 3.1. She was maintained for several years, but its support was discontinued in late 2001. Leakage of this material is probably not a serious problem for Microsoft, given its age – it is unlikely to help in some way to affect modern Windows operating systems.

Хакеры украли у Microsoft исходные коды Windows

The interface of Windows NT 3.5

Microsoft is not the only company, which recently suffered from theft of corporate data. In early may the victim of hackers has become a Nintendo – she stole more than two terabytes of source code for game consoles the Nintendo 64 and GameCube. Moreover, on the basis of the first working emulator.

Earlier, Microsoft re-released Windows 1.0, from which the audience was in disbelief. It was also revealed that a new update for Windows 10 removes your personal files and breaks computers.

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