Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Hackers bombarded iPhone owners with password reset messages

Security expert Brian Krebs has found a new way to hack iPhones. This is reported by ArsTechnica.

An expert pointed to a new MFA Fatigue hacking campaign as it is related to multi-factor authentication (MFA) on Apple devices. During this attack, the attacker sends a huge number of password reset messages to the victim's smartphone.

Krebs noted that the hacker literally floods his target with messages, forcing her to accidentally click on the “Password Reset” button. After the reset, the user is called allegedly from the Apple support service and is tricked into giving a new password.

According to startup entrepreneur Part Patel, who faced such an attack, in a short period of time he received on his smartphone, laptop and other Apple devices over 100 messages. Patel noted that the messages are urgent, so they cannot be ignored.

For his part, Krebs said that in order to attack a user, you need to know the email address associated with the victim's Apple ID. In this case, you can send a message to his device about the alleged hacking of the password.

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