Hacker fully cracked the PlayStation 2

Use the optical drive of the PlayStation 2 allows you to run games and to make backups without any hardware mod chips

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Хакер полностью взломал PlayStation 2

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Sony PlayStation 2 in 2020 celebrated its 20th birthday, which took place on March 4. Despite the fact that the console has long been discontinued, in her library still has a lot of interesting games. Also it is still popular among retro gamers and enthusiasts who love experimenting with the old “iron”. One of the enthusiasts was able to circumvent the protection DVD drive to your PlayStation 2 so that she could run unlicensed copies of games without hardware intervention.

Before hacking the PlayStation 2 was by modification of Board gaming console method vypaivanija mod-chip, which allows to bypass the security and run pirated copies of video games. But it seems to be a thing of the past. A hacker under the alias CTurt created software called FreeDVDBoot that uses the DVD player of the PS2 as bypass scanning disk for authenticity in software. Modification of equipment is not required.

See also the story about how in Odessa exposed the hackers:

CTurt began to explore how the optical drive of a game console the Sony plays DVD’s. In the end he found that the hardware starts loading the DVD, reading the IFO file of the disk and writing data to the cache. Without going into technical details, which you can read in his blog, CTurt created a corrupted IFO file, which generates a “buffer overflow” while reading. In fact, it loads the ELF file used in unlicensed copies of games in the system cache which is then written to main memory.

This method completely bypasses the copy protection of a physical disk PS2 because the system believes that it is preparing a DVD for video playback. CTurt argues that to crack you just need to put in the optical drive of game consoles specially prepared disk that you create yourself is a method posted for free access on the popular Github service.

The trick of this method is that it is universal and suitable not only for hacking the PlayStation 2, but PlayStation 3 and even PlayStation 4. All because all optical drives, including CD and Blu-ray discs work on the same principle – as a result, the exploit can potentially work on anything.

It should be noted that the method FreeDVDBoot does not support all the DVD drives used in the line of PlayStation 2, but a hacker working on expanding support.

We will remind that earlier Nintendo Switch Lite hacked – hackers have shown the way. And recently Sony has promised to pay the owners of the PlayStation 4 to 50 thousand dollars for the break.

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