Haavisto comments on Ukraine's Hornet request: “The most important thing is to think about what can be given to Ukraine right now”

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IL-TV will broadcast live the media meeting of Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto, where Finland's Hornet fighters and Ukraine's request to discuss getting them will be discussed. Follow the live broadcast from around 10:15. IL-TVTekijät (3)Today at 9:41

Foreign and security policy sources confirm to Iltalehti that the Ukrainian government has submitted a request to Finland to discuss the possibility of getting Hornet fighters to Ukraine. The request also applies to the United States, from which a re-export permit would be required.

Helsingin Sanomat was the first to report on the matter.

According to Iltalehti's information, it is a request for a military technical consultation.

It was presented to Prime Minister Sanna Marin > (sd) after the visit on 10 March. According to Iltalehti's information, the fighter jet issue and thus the consultation request were brought up by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi during the negotiations in Kyiv.

Ukraine has a list of US weapons systems that are in use in Western countries arming the country. Ukraine has asked a wide range of countries questions about whether these weapon systems will be available for use by Ukraine at some point.

The United States is involved in these military technical consultations because the Americans want to find out what kind of weapon systems would be available to Ukraine.

IL-TV broadcasts live the Minister of Foreign Affairs Pekka Haaviston's (green) media meeting in the Pohjola daily from 10:50 a.m.

“The perspective of time throws”

– I cannot confirm. at least within the framework of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, such a request has not been made, Haavisto commented before the start of the event whether there has been a request from Ukraine.

According to Haavisto, we should now discuss the aid that can be given to Ukraine.

< p class="paragraph">– Another question is the defense forces of Ukraine years from now, how they should be built. The time perspective of the discussion is relevant in that sense. The most important thing is to think about what can be given to Ukraine right now.

Haavisto understands that Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) has not made any promises about the Hornet fleet.

Haavisto cannot confirm whether the government is going to inform about any of the new weapons packages for Ukraine today. According to Haavisto, Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen (center) tells about it.

Iltalehti also follows the media meeting as a text follow-up.

The question that has been raised in the public debate about the issue is whether Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) during the visit to Ukraine according to the practices of foreign and security policy management, because for example President Sauli Niinistö or Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen (center) did not know that the Hornet issue would come up.< /p>

The Office of the President of the Republic commented to Iltalehti on Thursday that Ukraine has not been in contact with the President of the Republic or the Office of the President regarding the Hornet matter.

– Material requests traditionally go through the Defense Administration, the President the chancellery states.

Haavisto comments on Ukraine's Hornet request: ”The most important thing is to think about what can be given to Ukraine right now”

Prime Minister Marin visited Kyiv on March 10, next Ukrainian President Zelenskyi. EPA-EFE/SERGEY DOLZHENKO

Researcher Above: “If you even understand between the lines”

In Ukraine, some kind of interpretation has been made about Finland's willingness to provide the country with fighter jets, said Iro Särkkä, PhD researcher at the Institute of Foreign Policy, in an interview with Ylen Ykkösaamu on Thursday.

– Any kind of discussion can always take place. But if an image is created for the other party, it can lead to such high expectations that the other party may not have originally intended. .


The story will be updated.

Haavisto comments on Ukraine's Hornet-preyöä: ”The most important thing is to think&auml ;, what can be given to Ukraine right now”