“Guy, one day you will not belong to yourself”

“Guy, one day you will not belong to yourself”

My career as a baseball analyst on radio and TV has allowed me to meet personalities in all walks of life. My new challenge is to discuss different aspects of the lives of my guests. I am fortunate that Guy Lafleur has agreed to launch this new column under the formula of questions and answers.

Hi Guy, thank you for taking the time to talk to me. He replies: “I’m clearing my car from snow. Once the case is over, I go into the house to call you. Twenty minutes later, my phone rings.

First of all, how is your health?

This is very encouraging, because the doctors have reduced the number of my treatments.

Who is the first person to believe in your talent?

Normand Chouinard helped me with my studies at Thurso. I have never forgotten his words which I understand better today: “Guy, one day you will not belong to yourself.” ”

Are you still active?

I do walks with my dogs and the treadmill.

Talent for manual work?

I had to change my four doors from the house. I made a small mistake by first cutting off the tops of the doors. Result: four new doors and hire a carpenter.

A childhood memory ?

I often think of the beautiful moments I spent with my mother and father, and the family gatherings in Thurso.

A great sorrow?

My son Marc’s health problems affected me a lot. Today, I am proud to see him assert himself in life.

Lately an emotional moment for you?

Last summer, I was at the CHUM to undergo treatment, when I ran into Derek Aucoin. Derek’s message of hope touched me deeply.

Tell me about your agent.

It touches me a lot to work closely with my son Martin.

Longer trip as captain of your boat?

For a few years, I went boating in the summer all over Quebec. My longest trip took me from Montreal to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

Longest trip in a helicopter?

I went to Las Vegas. I took three days to cross the route.

Do you have a crush on a landscape?

On my helicopter trip to Las Vegas, I was so blown away by the vastness of the Grand Canyon and the desert.

Musical talents?

I have no talent for singing and as a musician even less I am not even able to play musical spoons.

Greater pride?

My mom and dad were definitely proud of me.

Your first job?

Younger, during the summer, I worked on the family farm. I loved cleaning the animal pen, milking the cows by hand and driving the tractor.

The first meal you made for your future wife?

I lived in an apartment in Longueuil. I had prepared a macaroni and cheese for Lise, but forgot to put the noodles in the water. The result: rock-hard pasta.

Your first car?

Before signing my contract with the Remparts de Québec junior, I used to ride my bike because I didn’t have a car until the day the Remparts provided me with a Buick Le Saber.

Have you always liked dogs?

At the start of my career with the Canadiens, I rented a townhouse in L’Île-des-Sœurs. They advised me that it was my dog ​​or I who had to leave. I left with my dog.

The name of your first team?

In my first year, I worked in the mosquito, peewee and bantam categories of Thurso.

Favorite city in the United States?

Los Angeles, with its magnificent restaurants that Claude Quenneville, descriptor of the Canadiens’ matches, the Quebec actor Donald Pilon and I discovered.

Favorite food?

I like to enjoy a good Italian meal and Quebecois dishes for the Holidays.

Did you like your experience as a restaurateur?

Yes, but I found it unfortunate not to be able to be there every evening to greet customers.

A precious moment of relaxation?

With a big laugh: at the Menick barber at 6 a.m., while I am having fun discussing everything and nothing with him.

Your father’s influence?

When I saw him sitting at the edge of the board near the net at the Forum, his gaze at me during a break was my biggest motivator.

Do you think you are succeeding Maurice Richard and Jean Béliveau?

I have never succeeded Maurice Richard or Jean Béliveau. It’s rather a privilege for me to be part of this trio.

What does Quebec City represent to you?

Quebec is my second home. My participation in the peewee tournament, winning the Memorial Cup, my meeting with Lise, who would later become my wife, and the place where I ended my career.

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