Guterres negotiates against the clock with Ukraine and Russia the extension of the agreement for the export of grain

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Guterres negotiates against the clock with Ukraine and Russia the extension of the agreement for the export of grain

The leader of the UN, António Guterres, this Wednesday began a negotiation against time to prevent the agreement for exports from Ukrainian grain n, which prevented the worsening of the global food crisis, remains a dead letter. The pact, which will expire next March 18 if Russia and Ukraine do not renew it, it was questioned days ago by Moscow if sanctions on Russian trade in agricultural products are not lifted. 

In these circumstances, the Portuguese diplomat met with him. He was in the Ukrainian capital with the president of this country, Volodimir Zelensky. The Black Sea grain agreement, agreed last July with the mediation of the UN and Turkey, “allowed the export of 23 million tons of cereals< /strong> from Ukrainian ports” and “contributed to reducing the overall cost of food and offered This will bring critical relief to the people, who are also paying a heavy price for this war, particularly in the developing world,” Guterres said.

Thanks to the pact, “the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Food Price Index fell by 20%. almost 20%“We have agreed today that the extension of the agreement after March 18 is very necessary for the whole world,” Zelensky replied. In this Online, the Ukrainian president thanked the UN chief “for his unwavering support for our efforts to stabilize food markets.”

Russian fertilizers

In a fine In the exercise of diplomacy, Guterres also emphasized that both the export of food and Ukrainian fertilizers “as well as that of the Russians” are “essential for world food security and food prices”. The context is that the grain agreement, which also provides for the export of Russian fertilizers, has had difficulties in ensuring that this second objective of the pact is met on a regular basis. plena.

With this in mind, Guterres condemned Russia's aggression against Ukraine again and pointed out that the victims deserve a ” effective accountability”, which according to some sources is an indication that the diplomat has put on the negotiating table that the UN provide greater support for the investigation of the war crimes committed in Ukraine >. So much so Guterres mentioned, in his speech to Zelensky, the case of the video of the “apparently summarily murdered” Ukrainian soldier. 

This murder is yet another “tragic reminder of that the laws of war must be followed“Strictly”, said the Secretary General of the United Nations, describing the execution as “shocking”. In addition, the diplomat took advantage of the occasion to add that the objective of the UN is to seek “a just peace based on the UN Charter, international law and the recent General Assembly resolution marking one year since the start of the war.” 

No trip to Moscow

UN sources clarified that Guterres will not travel to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladímir Putin, as he did on previous occasions. But yes. They recalled that Guterres spoke He met with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin before leaving for Kiev, and a Russian delegation is expected to meet with officials. of the United Nations in the coming days. 

On the other hand, Guterres also recalled the He discussed the importance of creating a security zone around the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, a proposal by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that has not yet been finalized. It had a positive outcome. “I believe that possible mediation would also be important to seek the total demilitarization of the area, while ensuring that the plant can resume operation normally,” he concluded.