Gustavo Petro said that the winter wave could last until February 2023 and tried sancocho from a community pot

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From Pinillo, Bolívar, the President of the Republic said that the climate crisis could end by the end of the year or in the first quarter of the next

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Gustavo Petro said that the winter wave could go He stayed until February 2023 and tried sancocho from a community pot

On the afternoon of Thursday, November 17, President Gustavo Petro visited the Pinillos municipality, in Bolívar. Colombian Presidency

During the installation of the Unified Command Post in the Pinillos municipality, in Bolívar, President Gustavo Petro expressed his concern about the serious climatic and humanitarian situation due to the winter emergency in a large part of the country. Although on different occasions he has said that this emergency can end in a short time, on Thursday, November 17, 2022, he stated that the chances of that happening are “50 and 50”.

According to the head of state, “there is a 50% probability that the winter wave will end towards the end of December, and there is another 50% probability that it will continue next year until February or even March”. and said that the possibility of success of any forecast “is like flipping a coin.” Despite the uncertain future, he said he expects the heavy rainy season to end by the end of this year.

In this sense, Petro said that with the end of the winter season, the solution to other problems related to the damage and repairs to hundreds of thousands of victims (close to 700,000, according to the president) will come, especially in terms of mobility. He specified that after a meeting with the Minister of Education, Alejandro Gaviria , they came to the conclusion that more than 3,000 areas near rural schools have been affected by the rains.

The repairs to those places and roads, according to the president, will cost three billion pesos, an investment that will have to be considered next year so that thousands of children return to their schools. Said amount exceeds two trillion destined to all the attention of the climatic emergency and under this panorama he said that “we cannot solve everything”, because from the national Government some regions must be prioritized.

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“Urgency implies priorities (…) we are going to talk a little about all these issues so that we have clarity. We are always arguing with the population, we can be wrong —in— many of the actions that we have developed”, President Petro said at the PMU installation from Pinillos.

President Petro also maintained that the aid “has been insufficient” especially in terms of food to supply the victims, despite the fact that there is a supply of food for those who have suffered damages due to the winter. By the way, he explained that this is not a natural phenomenon, since it is due to “an emission of gases produced by the richest economies.” To that extent, he explained that one of the main effects is the greater impacts of the El Niño and La Niña phenomena.

“That is called climate change and it is produced by capital, greed, having more, producing and producing more from three raw materials that are the ones that explain the appearance of these gases in the atmosphere: oil, coal and gas,” Petro explained.

Finally, the head of state was present at the first community pot held in the municipality and together with the community he tasted the sancocho. It is worth noting that in recent days he has raised the need to reinforce this type of initiative in the country so that the majority of victims do not go hungry. This initiative has been replicated by officials in his cabinet, such as the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada.

In fact, the Community Action Boards of 392 municipalities They will receive money to make these pots for the benefit of the victims. “We must keep the economy active and for them to make community pots that guarantee the supply of at least two hot meals a day continuously for the duration of the the tragedy”, said Prada.