Gustavo Petro proposes to “end oil consumption” and Nicolás Maduro assures that it was one of the most intelligent speeches of the COP27

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The Venezuelan head of state highlighted the Colombian president's commitment to preserving the Amazon rainforest and stressed that the treaty should be reactivated for its protection

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Gustavo Petro proposes “to end oil consumption” and Nicolás Maduro assures that it was one of the most intelligent speeches ;smart s of COP27

November 8, 2022. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

The Venezuelan head of state, Nicolás Maduro, praised the speech delivered by President Gustavo Petro, at the United Nations World Environment Summit, also known as COP27, which is taking place in Egypt.

“I think it was one of the most intelligent and proactive speeches ever at this summit,” he told reporters.

He also agreed with the Colombian president on the care of the Amazon rainforest, one of its proposed points in the decalogue to fight against climate change. For this reason, he stressed that the Amazon treaty should be reactivated. “I believe that it is necessary to reactivate the organization of the Amazon treaty that brings together all the South American countries that have access to the Amazon such as Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname.”

“It is up to South America to save the Amazon rainforest and we are on time, there has been great damage in recent decades due to various practices linked to the predatory capitalist system and it is up to us to seek a path of protection and salvation, from South America together with the world. It is one of the specific responsibilities that we must fulfill”, he added.

Precisely, point five of the decalogue presented by Petro, says that: “We must save the pillars of the planet's climate, first of all. The Amazon rainforest is one of four existing. Colombia will grant USD 200 million annually for 20 years to save the Amazon Rainforest. We look forward to global input.”

On this, Maduro assured: “President Petro's initiative is very important, it is excellent and starting in 2023 an Amazonian presidential summit to get everything, the support, the financing for the regeneration of the entire Amazon, the forest revitalization that is vital. for the life of the planet.”

According to the Venezuelan head of state, the harmful practices that have led to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest are a consequence of capitalism. This, taking into account that Petro pointed out the harmful effects of the exploitation of hydrocarbons and mining on the environment.

These words were delivered by Maduro prior to the conference on the Amazon, in which Maduro and Petro participate, which will take place in the Colombia pavilion this Tuesday, located in the Sharm El Sheikh Convention Center. The leader of the Venezuelan regime also referred to the priorities to preserve the jungle.

The Venezuelan leader said he was one of the smartest. Video taken from: Blu Radio

The COP27 birthday, which bears that name as it is its 27th version, seeks to strengthen international alliances to combat the climate crisis that the planet is going through. In the Latin American case, there is a special emphasis on caring for the tropical forest and how to prevent its deforestation, as well as the search for more sustainable mining.

The ten points of Petro's speech

Gustavo Petro gave a list of ten steps to follow to deal with the environmental problems that today affect the entire world.

Initially, regarding the first point, he stressed that it must be understood that if world politics does not overcome the climate crisis, it will be extinguished. “The times of extinction that we live in must push us to act now and globally as human beings with or without the permission of governments. It is time for the mobilization of all of humanity.”

Following this, referring to its second numeral, he assured that the market is not the main mechanism to overcome the climate crisis. “ It is the market and the accumulation of capital that produced it and they will never be its remedy ”, he argued.

Regarding his third proposal, Gustavo Petro stated that only public and global, multilateral planning will allow us to move to a decarbonized world economy. “The UN should be the stage for planning”, he pointed out.

He added to his decalogue, in the fourth point, that it is in the hands of world politics , in the mobilization of humanity, correct the course “and not the agreement of technocrats influenced by the interests of the coal and oil companies”.

The Colombian head of state mentioned, in the fifth argument on his list, that it is necessary to save the pillars of the planet's climate. “The Amazon jungle is one. Colombia will grant 200 million dollars annually for 20 years to save the Amazon Rainforest. We look forward to the global contribution”, he pointed out.

Towards the sixth highlight, Petro commented that the climate crisis can only be overcome if hydrocarbons are not consumed. “It is time to devalue the hydrocarbon economy with defined dates for its end and to value the branches of the decarbonized economy. The solution is a world without oil and without coal”, he stated.

Regarding the seventh headline, the Colombian head of state pointed out that the WTO treaties and the The IMF is against the solution to the climate crisis, “therefore they should be subject to the agreements of the COP and not the other way around”.

The The IMF, as it stated in the eighth part of its decalogue, must start the program of exchanging debt for investment in the adaptation and mitigation of climate change in all the developing countries of the world. “The policies of economic blockade today do not they favor democracy and go against the times of humanity to act against the crisis”, he pointed out.

“The world's private and multilateral banks must stop financing the economy of hydrocarbons (…) Peace negotiations must begin immediately. War takes away time, vital for humanity to avoid its extinction”, he said in the conclusion of your last two points.