Gustavo Petro assures that the French Government will call for co-financing for the agrarian reform in Colombia

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The president of Colombia also stated that France will also engage in important issues involving the Amazon rainforest and the energy transition

Gustavo Petro assures that the French Government will call for co-financing for agrarian reform in Colombia

Gustavo Petro gave details about his meeting with Emmanuel Macron. PHOTO: Presidency of the Republic

President Gustavo PetroHe held a bilateral meeting with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, at the Elysée Palace in Paris. The Colombian head of state gave details of the meeting at a press conference and stated that France will support the peace process in Colombia.

Macron welcomed the Colombian government's reprioritizing the implementation of the Final Peace Agreement, signed in 2016 between the State and the extinct FARC guerrilla. According to Petro, the European country “is going to act intensely and rapidly in the peace process in Colombia, even calling a table of donors to co-finance the agrarian reform in Colombia.”

For its part, the Presidency team, from the Casa de Nariño, confirmed this information: France says it is willing to provide technical and financial assistance both in agrarian reform and in the transition energy”.

It should be remembered that one of the fundamental proposals of the new administration is to implement the execution of agrarian reform, which would be essential to fulfill the first point of the Final Peace Agreement. The goal is to hand over three million hectares of land that would be titled to people capable of producing it with agricultural labor and thus stop using it to plant coca leaves.

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Climate change and the importance of the Amazon rainforest

Commitments regarding climate change were a constant theme in the meeting between Gustavo Petro and Emmanuel Macron. According to the Colombian president, France will assume the responsibility that corresponds to it for the total revitalization of the Amazon rainforest.

“He would do it as a representative of a government that has sovereignty over a part of the jungle and jointly lead the European Union to finance the effort,” said the Colombian head of state. That commitment, for him, corresponds to one of those who would seek to solve the climate crisis and Macron confirmed that he would attend a meeting that Colombia would lead in the Amazon basin; however, there is no date for the event yet.

Along the same lines, he mentioned France's support in the country's energy transition, which will be through its cooperation agencies and public and private companies. “It is the global effort that we must make if we want to overcome, today, the main problem of humanity, which is the climate catastrophe,” he added.

En en The meeting was also attended by, among others, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, Álvaro Leyva, and the Chief of Staff, Laura Sarabia, as well as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, Catherine Colonna; the French ambassador to Colombia, Frédéric Doré, and the adviser for the Americas to the French president, Walid Fouque.

“I believe that both the effort in Egypt at COP27, as well as what that we did here in Paris, France, has been tremendously important,” Petro pointed out.

The position against the Venezuelan regime

According to the chief of the Colombian State, France “is going to accompany us in the efforts to improve Venezuela's relations with the world.” The border country is one of the central issues, as President Nicolás Maduro is expected to re-enter the Inter-American Human Rights System with that nation after the elections, in which freedom, transparency and democracy are called for .

It is important to point out that on November 11 there will be a more in-depth dialogue on Venezuela and dialogues with the opposition. Some presidents of different Latin American countries will be present at it.