Gustavo Petro announced that high school students will be able to learn “2 years of university” before graduating

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The president of Colombia seeks to copy European models and guarantee higher education in the country's schools: this is the date on which the particular initiative

Gustavo Petro announced that high school students will be able to learn “2 years of university” before graduating

In the image, the president from Colombia, Gustavo Petro, who announced the changes that would come in basic secondary education. Photo: Presidency of Colombia

Among the ambitious bets that the Colombian president has Gustavo Petro for the country is to reform the educational system: for example, this week it was announced that, hand in hand with the Ministry of Education, they will change the high school model in the country's schools.

From the municipality of Pinillos, in Bolívar, the head of state assured that in Colombia they will begin to apply European standards for education. For this reason, he assured that they will propose that, in the last two years of school, young people be able to take university electives.

“Why don't we go back to the beginning of the European style of education? and we transform the high school into college-universities, where 2 years of university are learned, that begins to be done from next year”, suggested the president.

In addition, he assured that This new strategy would be implemented from the educational institutions of the municipality that he visited this week, such as the Colegio Los Pinillos.In fact, he said that his initiative aims to recover the educational system of before, which, in his opinion, was much better than that of now.

“To ensure that the best educations institutions of Colombia, can be established in the region that had one of the best educations in the times of the origin of the Republic of Colombia”, added the head of state.

Gustavo Petro announced that high school students will be able to learn “2 years of university” before graduating

On the afternoon of Thursday 17 November, President Gustavo Petro visited the Pinillos municipality, in Bolívar. Colombian Presidency

They have not been the only announcements that the Colombian president has made regarding the country's economic issues. For example, in the midst of the controversy because private universities are increasing their tuition costs, which has even generated protests in Bogotá, Petro said that they cannot rise above the Consumer Price Index (CPI).< /p>

“Education costs have grown only 5% this year and will decline next year. This is not the time to speculate on the prices of a common good: knowledge”, said the President.

Petro's statements came after the Minister of Education, Alejandro Gaviria, asked the boards of universities such as Los Andes and Javeriana not to raise their tuition prices above 12.2%, < /b>which was what raised inflation in October of this year. After that request, an agreement was reached between the rectors of those institutions and the national government.

What else did Petro say in Pinillos, Bolívar?

There were several moments that wet the press starred by the head of state from that Bolivarian sector. A Unified Command Post was installed there due to the serious climatic and humanitarian situation due to the winter emergency in much of the country. According to Petro, “there is a 50% probability that the winter wave will end towards the end of December, and there is another 50% probability that it will continue next year until February or even March” and He said that the chance of any forecast being right “is like flipping a coin.”

Beyond the uncertain future, he said he expects the heavy rainy season to end by the end of this year. “Urgency implies priorities (…) we are going to talk a little about all these issues so that we have clarity. We are always arguing with the population, we can be wrong —in— many of the actions that we have developed”,said President Petro at the installation of the PMU from Pinillos.

Gustavo Petro announced that high school students will be able to learn “2 years university” before graduating

On the afternoon of Thursday, November 17, President Gustavo Petro visited the municipality of Pinillos, in Bolívar. Presidency of Colombia

Finally, the head of state was present at the first community pot held in the municipality and, together with the community, tasted the sancocho.< /b> It is worth noting that in recent days he has raised the need to reinforce this type of initiative in the country so that the majority of victims do not go hungry. Said initiative has been replicated by officials of his cabinet, such as the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada .