Gustavo Bolívar again attacks Enrique Peñalosa for the subway: “You stole 15 years of mobility from Bogotá”

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The senator of the Historical Pact once again referred to the controversy regarding the subway in the Colombian capital

The senator criticized the former mayor of Bogotá for his comments on the construction of the capital's subway. Photos: Colprensa

The construction of the first line of the Bogotá Metro was once again a topic to talk about and when it was thought that everything was ready for the execution of the works, a government meeting with the Chinese consortium set off alarm bells in some political sectors that They are in favor of this means of transport being elevated and not underground. Enrique Peñalosa, former mayor of the capital, has been one of the great defenders of the elevated metro and for this reason he has been harshly criticized by some politicians, such as senator Gustavo Bolívar.

It is important to note that after the meeting between the government and the Chinese consortium, President Petro expressed his concern about the construction of the first elevated line , asked that the possibility of it being underground be studied and if this is not possible, at least that the layout of Avenida Caracas be modified.

This meeting did not go down well with some political sectors who expressed their concern about the enormous negative impact that the change in the construction of the first line of the Bogotá Metro would have. They warned that this would raise costs and could even jeopardize the financing of the second and third lines.

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Enrique Peñalosa referred to this situation on social networks and had some exchanges of words with President Gustavo Petro. The former mayor of Bogotá affirmed that the specialty of the head of state is “telling lies and bullshit” and affirmed that he “continues speaking as a politician in the campaign”.

“Just like Petro, his specialty is telling lies and bullshit.The truth is that we were the ones who contracted the Metro that is under construction, which Petro was unable to do. And it is shameful that Petro, instead of behaving like a statesman, continues to speak like a politician in the campaign, ” said Peñalosa on his social networks.

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The senator of the Historical Pact, Gustavo Bolívar,He did not take these statements made by the former presidential candidate very well and responded forcefully to the criticism of the head of state. The parliamentarian blamed him for the state of mobility in which the Colombian capital is located and shared a trill in which Peñalosa confirmed that the transport system in Bogotá would be elevated and would start operating in 2020.

“Politician who threw phase 3 subway studies in the trash “in favor of a cheap and quick-to-build elevated one” Well, he didn't even leave studies of the elevated one. Now it celebrates the arrival of a wagon, 8 years after finishing works! You robbed Btá of 15 years of mobility and 20 billion in cost overruns!”, affirmed Gustavo Bolívar.

Gustavo Bolívar attacks Enrique Peñalosa again for the metro: “You stole 15 years of mobility from Bogotá”

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Peñalosa defends himself

President Gustavo Petro responded to some of the comments made by Enrique Peñalosa and even compared what was done with the Bogotá Metro to what happened in Hidroituango, the head of state described it as a “financial catastrophe”. He further added that, “A powerful metro that cost 14 billion pesos in 2015, just because of blind sectarianism, has turned it into a weak metro that costs 35 billion pesos. How much damage to the nation”.

Given these comments, Enrique Peñalosa did not he remained silent and lashed out again against the country's president. “Why didn't you hire the Metro and we did? Because he only talks, but he is incompetent incapable of DOING. And the “powerful” or “weak” Metro is ridiculous. There are high metros in New York, Berlin, Mexico, Bangkok, Dubai, Medellín, etc. What a pathetic character we have governing!”