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PV x0 Gunshots galore in east Montreal - The Times Hub

Gunshots galore in east Montreal

Gunshots galore in east Montreal

The murder of a 15-year-old girl on Sunday night is the latest in a long list of recent incidents involving guns in Montreal. Our Bureau of Investigation has documented no less than 33 incidents in the past six months. In some cases, Montrealers have been killed or seriously injured.

In other cases, it is an exchange of gunfire or cartridge cases found on the ground after witnesses heard detonations. Often, the suspect (s) were not located, and the victims refused to cooperate with the police.

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Gunshots galore in east Montreal

1. February 7, 2021


A 15-year-old teenager was killed and a young man injured in a shooting on rue Valdombre, near rue Jean-Talon Est.

2. January 31, 2021

Rivière-des-Prairies – Pointe-aux-Trembles

A 25-year-old man known to police circles was shot in the upper body while he was on Place Louis-Chartier, near Boulevard Rodolphe-Forget, driving his car.

3. January 30, 2021


A 26-year-old man was fatally injured on Martial Street, in front of a convenience store. According to Press, he was close to the 43, a Montreal-North gang.

4. January 30, 2021

Rivière-des-Prairies – Pointe-aux-Trembles

At around 7 p.m., a 20-year-old man was shot and wounded at the intersection of Gouin Boulevard and 56e Avenue.

5. January 28, 2021

Villeray – Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension

Sanjay Vig, a Montreal traffic police officer, was reportedly disarmed, pursued and shot in his direction during a routine response. The perpetrator is still off. Mamadi III Fara Camara, 31, was arrested and detained for six days before being cleared of suspicion.

January 6, 2021


In the early afternoon, police responded to a call about gunfire. They found at least one shell on the ground and encountered four men who may have been involved.

7. January 4, 2021

Saint Michel

In the middle of the night, a 17-year-old who was with a group of friends was shot and wounded at the corner of rue Jean-Rivard and 25e Avenue. You don’t fear for your life.

8. 1er January 2021


Shots were heard on rue de Neuilly, near rue Buies. Police did not identify any injuries or projectile impacts, but found casings on the ground.

9. December 30, 2020


At around 5 a.m., a shooting took place on rue d’Amos, near a primary school. Two cartridge cases were discovered, but no casualties or suspects were identified.

10. December 27, 2020

Villeray – Saint-Michel – Parc-Extension

In the middle of the night, at around 1:45 a.m., the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) received a call concerning a 29-year-old man who was shot in the upper body. The victim would have collaborated little with the police, reports the Canadian Press.

11 December 25, 2020


Alerted by a 911 call after midnight, the police discovered at least one projectile impact on a residence on rue Valdombre, south of boulevard Métropolitain.

12. December 5, 2020


A 49-year-old individual known to the police services was injured by firearm projectiles around 10:20 p.m. on rue d’Amos, between avenues Balzac and avenues Pelletier.

13. 30 November 2020


Shots were heard at the corner of avenue Lapierre and rue Pascal, but there were no casualties on site when the police arrived. However, traces of projectile impacts were found on two cars and casings were found.

14. November 30, 2020

Rivière-des-Prairies – Pointe-aux-Trembles

At approximately 9:35 p.m., a man in his 50s exiting his vehicle parked at his home on 63rd Avenue near Perras Boulevard was shot in the upper body. He was targeted from a vehicle that had come to a stop in front of his residence.

15. November 30, 2020

Rivière-des-Prairies – Pointe-aux-Trembles

At around 9:40 p.m., a foot shooter targeted a driver in a parking lot of a residential building on rue Jacques-Rousseau, near avenue Jean-Rainaud. The motorist however managed to flee the scene, but the police do not know if he was injured, since he did not go to the authorities.

16. November 30, 2020

Rivière-des-Prairies – Pointe-aux-Trembles

A man in his twenties was shot in the upper and lower body at around 10:20 p.m. when he was on the balcony of his apartment located at the intersection of Boulevard Armand-Bombardier and Avenue Jean-Vincent. He was taken to the hospital, but there was no fear for his life.

17. November 14, 2020

Villeray – Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension

The police “found a socket on the road and an impact on a vehicle” at the intersection of avenue des Érables and rue Henri-Brien, said Julien Lévesque, spokesperson for the SPVM. No injuries were reported.

18. November 13, 2020


The police found at least one cartridge case on the ground after receiving, around 5 a.m., a call from a citizen who had heard gunshots, at the corner of rue des Narcisses and avenue des Violets.

19. October 23, 2020


Two men were at the intersection of rue de Charleroi and avenue Drapeau, around 11:50 a.m., when one of them suddenly opened fire and reached the door of a dwelling. A bullet hole and a case were located by the police.

20. September 25, 2020


A 30-year-old individual known to the police was hit with at least one projectile from a firearm in his upper body, on rue Pascal, near rue Jubinville. The suspect, who has not been identified, allegedly fled in a vehicle on rue Pascal heading south.

21. 25 September 2020

South West

A conflict between two armed groups is said to have degenerated on rue Sainte-Marguerite, at the corner of rue Sainte-Émilie. At the scene, a 40-year-old woman suffered a nervous shock when her windshield shattered after being pierced by a projectile.

22. September 22, 2020

Rivière-des-Prairies – Pointe-aux-Trembles

Police were alerted to shots fired shortly after midnight near Jacques-Rousseau and Beauchatel streets. The SPVM did not report any injuries, but cartridge cases were discovered on the spot.

23. September 18, 2020


Citizens heard gunshots around 6.30 p.m. on rue de Charleroi. According to a version obtained by witnesses, a suspect fired at another man.

24. September 13, 2020


Gunshots galore in east Montreal

Archive photo, QMI Agency

The three officers of the Montreal Police Department were patrolling the Old Port by bike when they had to intervene with an armed man on September 13. During the shooting, 25 shots were exchanged.

Twenty-five shots were exchanged during a shootout between police officers on bikes and a violent suspect in the Old Port of Montreal. The event left five injured.

25. 1er September 2020


An attempted murder with a weapon took place at the intersection of rue Pascal and rue Lapierre. According to the Metro newspaper, people were injured while playing cards outside.

26. 31 August 2020


Three people were in a car in an alley near Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle in downtown Montreal when a walking suspect fired at the vehicle. If the police found two of the three victims, it was because they presented to the hospital shortly after.

27. 26 August 2020


A 19-year-old man was shot dead by a suspect who shot him from a car at the corner of Baunard and Cannes streets.

28. 18 August 2020


An individual armed with a sawed-off 12 caliber rifle opened fire on a 28-year-old client inside Studio Inkut, located on Boulevard Henri-Bourassa Est. Struck in the leg, the victim lost a lot of blood but there is no fear for his life.

29. Aug 18, 2020


Gunshots galore in east Montreal

File photo, Martin Alarie

Two men, 36 and 40, were injured in a barber shop on Boulevard Henri-Bourassa Est, near Avenue Curotte, when a gunman opened fire through the window. The suspect allegedly fled on foot.

30. 18 August 2020


Shots were fired around 7 p.m. on Boulevard Henri-Bourassa Est, at the corner of Avenue de l’Hotel-de-Ville. No victim has come forward.

31. 8 August 2020


A 48-year-old man was in critical condition after being shot near Place de la Côte-Vertu. According to Radio-Canada, he was fighting for his life in the hours following the tragedy.

32. August 5, 2020


Two young men, aged 19 and 15, were shot in the lower body at the corner of Avenue Olivier-Maurault and Place de la Colombière. According to The newspaper, neighbors refused to cooperate with the police.

33. August 2, 2020


A 23-year-old young man, known to the police, was shot in the upper body near Boulevard Henri-Bourassa and Rue D’Iberville.

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