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Guilty of homicide involuntary murder of her 75-year-old father

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Elveyn Cauchon admitted her guilt to the homicide involuntary by his father Marcel Cauchon, who was 75 years old.

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A son who severely beat his father who died a few days later admitted his guilt on Friday at the Quebec courthouse. He is sentenced to 8 and a half years in prison.

Elveyn Cauchon committed manslaughter, after beating Marcel Cauchon, who returned the ;soul in the hospital, December 2, 2022.

The 75-year-old died from medical complications following the attack five days earlier.

The elderly son 44-year-old was living with her father in Château-Richer when an argument broke out over a financial dispute.

A passerby who saw Elveyn Cauchon beat the victim through a window and intervened to put an end to the attack.

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ELSEWHERE ON INFO: What has changed at the CISSS de Lanaudière since the death of Joyce Echaquan? kicked and punched him, inflicting several injuries.

Hit in the face and thorax, Marcel Cauchon suffered various contusions in addition to suffering numerous rib fractures.

These injuries, alone, were not severe enough to cause the father's death, agreed the prosecutor, Me Jean-Simon Larouche.

On the other hand, the autopsy report is clear, added Me Larouche. The death was caused by medical complications following the attack of an elderly man, the medical examiner concluded.

Before receiving his sentence, the son expressed regret.

I really loved my father, assured Elveyn Cauchon.

Crying, he expressed regret saying he would like to go back.

I dream of the times that I arrive home and he is in his chair, and I say to him: "father, you are not dead?", the son testified, saying that his father responds to him in his dream that he is alive and well, laughing.

Judge Frank D'Amours accepted the sentence proposed by the prosecution and defense lawyers, emphasizing that the most important sentence will be to live with what you did.

As Elveyn Cauchon has been detained since the events, he has nearly seven years left to serve.

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