Guillemo Lasso will not travel to Argentina to participate in the CELAC summit

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The President of Ecuador did not confirm his absence, but confirmed that tomorrow, when the event begins in Buenos Aires, he will participate in an act in Quito

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Guillemo Lasso will not travel to Argentina to participate in the CELAC summit

Guillermo Lasso (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte. File)

Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso, will not travel to Buenos Aires for the Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) that will begin on January 24. Although the presence of the president was announced last Friday, Infobae confirmed that Lasso will fulfill an official schedule of activities in Quito.

Although the Ecuadorian president will not be at the meeting, the foreign minister of that country, Juan Carlos Holguín, will be present since he will travel from Quito to Argentina this Monday afternoon.

A source from the Public Relations department of the Presidency of the Republic, when asked about Lasso's presence in CELAC, told Infobae that the president has an agenda official to meet and that if the agenda is in Quito, “it is because it will be here”.

The news that Lasso will stay in Ecuador comes when his administration receives serious questions for a corruption plot involving management of public offices that would involve former government officials and the President's brother-in-law.

Lasso has made several official trips this month. The president attended the inauguration ceremony of his counterpart, Lula Da Silva, in Brazil. Also, Lasso participated in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and paid a visit to the Vatican, where he met with Pope Francis.

Guillemo Lasso will not travel to Argentina to participate in the CELAC summit

Venezuelans residing in Argentina demonstrated this Sunday to protest the possible presence of Maduro in the VII Summit. About a hundred demonstrators gathered in front of the Sheraton hotel, in the capital's Retiro neighborhood, where the meeting of presidents will take place. EFE/Enrique García Medina

This Tuesday, while the Heads of State of the region meet in Argentina, the Ecuadorian president will inaugurate an educational unit in Pedro Moncayo, north of Quito, and will hold a meeting with young people in the Capital.

On the other hand, Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro also announced that he will not finally travel to Argentina to participate in the CELAC summit despite the preparations that had been made to have his presence.

“In the last few hours we have been irrefutably informed of a plan elaborated within the neo-fascist right-wing, whose objective is to carry out a series of attacks on against our delegation headed by the president,” says a statement from the Chavista regime.

In view of this, the letter continues, the president made “the responsible decision” to send the foreign minister , Yván Gil, “as head of delegation with the instructions to carry the voice of the people of Venezuela”.

CELAC is made up of 33 member countries and its creation had as its main promoters the then presidents Hugo Chávez, of Venezuela; Argentine Néstor Kirchner and Bolivian Evo Morales.

Argentina is the host country for this week's meeting at a time when Argentine President Alberto Fernández holds the pro tempore presidency of Celac .

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