Guide to cancel or delete a Spotify Premium account

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When you cancel a premium account, it will go back to being free with ads at the end of the time of the plan that you already have paid for

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Guide to cancel or delete a Spotify Premium account

If a person wants to purchase an audiobook on Spotify, a message will be displayed message on screen saying “You can't buy audiobooks in the app. We know, it's not ideal.” (MacRumors)

If any Infobae reader is considering leaving Spotify for another service or to pause while there are more resources to pay for various applications, or for other reasons, this is the best way to cancel the app's premium subscription.

If you are currently or have been a Spotify user, it is known that you can enjoy its catalog for free with ads or pay monthly for the Premium version which, among other things, removes ads, improves playback quality and gives access to mobile versions.

If the person reading this note is a Premium user and wants to stop paying monthly, like any other service, it is possible to cancel the Spotify subscription at any time to return to the free version. In the words of Spotify: “You can cancel the subscription whenever the user wants. With this, the account will return to a Free level, with ads, at the end of the Premium time that has already been paid for.”

Guide a to cancel or delete a Spotify Premium account

Spotify. (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

This is very handy if you'll be busy for a while and don't want to pay for a service you don't intend to use at the time. Total, you can return to Premium later, be it months or even years. There is no problem with that.

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The following steps must be followed:

1. Go to the user page and log in.

2. Touch the option Available plans.

3. Now it's time to go down and find where it says “Spotify Free”.

4. Then click on the Cancel Premium option.

5. Finally touch Yes, Cancel.You will then see the date when you will switch back to the free version of Spotify.

Guide to cancel or delete a Spotify Premium account

Cancel Spotify Premium subscription. (photo: Spotify)

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How to unsubscribe from Spotify< /p>

However, if the reader wishes to delete their account in addition to their Spotify Premium subscription, they can permanently unsubscribe on the official website of Spotify. So, these are the steps:

1. Login at the link above these lines.

2. Touch the About option.

3. Under Customer Service and Support, click Contact Form.

4. Now click on Account.

5. Then touch where it reads I want to close my Spotify account.

6. Finally, confirm the decision by tapping Proceed to close my account, and you're done.

Guide to cancel or delete a Spotify Premium account

Delete Spotify account . (photo: Spotify)

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