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Guess company is under investigation te in connection with the forced labor of the Ughurs

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According to the ombudsman, the company has not sufficiently demonstrated that it does not have sourcing relationships with Chinese companies that obtain materials from factories employing people forced to work.

The Canadian Press

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The Canadian Ombudsman for Corporate Responsibility (CORE) announced Monday that it is launching an investigation into clothing company Guess for possible links to forced labor of Uighurs in China.

Ombudsman Sheri Meyerhoffer says the company has not sufficiently proven that it does not have sourcing relationships with Chinese companies that obtain materials from #x27;factories employing people forced to work.

Guess disputes this claim, arguing that Meyerhoffer lacks credible evidence and that the three Chinese companies that #x27;she cites are not part of her list of suppliers.

Meyerhoffer says Guess also argued that it did not have the authority to review the matter, since the Canadian subsidiary is not involved in the work done at the company. #x27;foreign.

The watchdog this year launched similar investigations into Canadian branches of companies such as Levi Strauss, Walmart, Hugo Boss and Nike.

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China has strongly rejected allegations that forced labor is taking place, saying the allegations in question are not based on evidence and are intended to defame Beijing.

The United Nations found in 2022 that China had committed serious human rights violations against Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang province, which may constitute international crimes, particularly against humanity.

Beijing disputed this information.

Although Guess Canada provided information about its due diligence policies, it did not respond to the complaint filed against it. This is why we will carry out an investigation based on independent research of the facts, wrote Ms. Meyerhoffer, in a press release.

The Guess Canada's response does not take into account the complexity of the clothing sector's supply chain.

The Guess Canada report Ombudsman Meyerhoffer says Guess Canada requested that some of the information provided to his office remain confidential and not disclosed to the people who filed the complaint, most of whom are Uyghur advocacy groups .

Yet Meyerhoffer says the company did not specify, when questioned, which parts of some of the The documents she provided were to remain private, and her report therefore does not mention the details of Guess Canada's response.

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