Guardiola: “They pay agents a lot for young players”

    Guardiola: “They pay agents a lot for young players”

    Manchester City are one of the continually ringing teams to take over Erling Haaland next summer. Whims of fate, the Champions League quarter-final hype has paired them with Borussia Dortmund, a team in which the cyborg Norwegian thrashing without filter. This Tuesday the first leg will take place at the Etihad (9:00 p.m., Movistar Champions League) and on the occasion of this, Guardiola has been asked about his next rival.

    “There is not a single Borussia Dortmund player who has no quality. They spend a lot of money on young players and pay the agents a lot to take those players, because they have incredible talent.“, Santpedor began. It should be remembered that last week, Mino Raiola and Alfie Haaland, agent and father of the striker, made a tour of Europe that began with Spain (Madrid and Barça) and ended with England (Manchester City, United , Chelsea and Liverpool) to take the first steps regarding Erling’s future transfer.

    All this adds spice to the statements made last Friday, in which he distanced himself from the career of the 20-year-old forward: “Given the current situation, it is likely that we will not sign a forward. With current prices it is impossible. We can’t afford itThese words came to collation of Agüero’s final goodbye to the entity, because days ago it was confirmed that in June, when his contract expires, he will pack his bags in search of new adventures. City understands that he needs a forward, but Guardiola refuses to give clues.

    Guardiola: “They pay agents a lot for young players”

    Today, the amounts that are paid to the representatives of the footballers. Let us remember that Dortmund, apart from the 20 million euros that RB Leipzig had to pay for Haaland, paid an extra 23 million (eight to the father and 15 to Raiola) in commissions. Those that the City manager talks about. Although the whole itself skyblue knows what the subject is about, since in a report released by the Premier League recently, they themselves paid more than 35 million euros last year in commissions.

    Old acquaintance

    A Guardiola who recognized having studied the whole borusser. “I was in Germany for three years and they were always a great rival. I know the talent they have, not only Haaland, but also Sancho and Marco Reus and Dahoud and Hummels … I saw them the morning before our game (Borussia’s 2-1 loss to Eintracht) and I was impressed by their talent. When they can run, they kill you. We will try to be aggressive, “he concluded after City beat Leicester (0-2), demonstrating the high level they are at.

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