Greeting the head of the SBU on the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine

Greeting the head of the SBU on the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine

Hailing the head of the SBU on the occasion of the Constitution Day of Ukraine

Photo: Ivan Bakanov/z vіdkritih dzherel< /p>


Today, in the hour of great victories, like standing before Ukraine, our Constitution is gaining special significance.

Age is not just a law, but a system of coordinates, for which we ruhaєmos and will be our own European future. Tse concentration of all freedoms and values, like Ukrainians, steal from the rich struggle. І we do not choose to enter.

Because our Ukraine is sovereign and independent, and її territory – whole and not torn. De Krim, Kherson, Izyum, Mariupol, Donetsk and other places in the village – will and will be Ukrainian. And mi – hulks of the free state, such love to their own Batkivshchyna.

It’s impossible to take away from us!

Because everyone – military, doctors, volunteers, entrepreneurs, IT workers, government services – fighting for the power of our world.

We will definitely overcome it!

I offer unity, masculinity and strength to the Ukrainians, so that we can instill that constitutional harmony, which conveys our Fundamental Law, on all our territory Powers!

Peace and victory, inspiration for that growth in the great European homeland!

With respect

Head of the Security Service of Ukraine

Ivan Bakanov