green pass to go to work or suspension.  “No” from Cgil-

green pass to go to work or suspension. “No” from Cgil-

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green pass to go to work or suspension.  “No” from Cgil-

A green pass to go to work. Confindustria’s proposal, which causes discussion. To guarantee the protection of workers, the presentation of the green pass could be required to employees who, if they do not have it, could be moved to another job or be suspended, with an impact also on remuneration. The hypothesis contained in an internal email sent by the general manager of Confindustria, Francesca Mariotti to the directors of the industrial system. The e-mail takes stock of the legislative proposal on which Confindustria is working with the government and institutions in the comparison to update the protocol for safety in the workplace, which follows the availability of vaccinations in the factory.

Duty of care

In the written text that the display of a valid green certificate should fall within the obligations of diligence, fairness and good faith on which the employment relationship is based. As a direct consequence of this, the employer, where possible, could assign to the worker tasks other than those normally performed, paying the relative remuneration; if this is not possible, the employer should be able not to admit the person to work, with suspension of pay in case of removal of the company. The email was revealed Tuesday by the newspaper The weather.

Fear for and non-vax

Although the national vaccination campaign has so far recorded a good trend – continues the email from the general manager of Confindustria – numerous associated companies have reported the presence of substantial percentages of workers who freely choose not to undergo the anti-Covid vaccination19, effectively exposing them to a greater risk of contracting the virus themselves and the plurality of subjects with whom, directly or indirectly, they come into contact by sharing work environments on an ongoing basis. Worrying is the spread of the pandemic, which in recent days has registered an increase in infections, associated with the spread, in Europe and in Italy, of particularly aggressive variants of the virus. For this reason, the pressing and emphasis on vaccines: The most advanced tools for containing the pandemic – first of all vaccination – will be fundamental to avoid the reintroduction of restrictive measures on freedoms.

Landini’s (CGIL) response: I hope it’s hot

I hope it is hot, the secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, ironically commented on the proposal of the mandatory green pass in the workplace. In this pandemic year, workers have always gone to the factory safely. Respecting the protocols and the rules of distancing. It is not the companies that have to determine who enters and who leaves, he said in an interview with The print.

Of course, only the government can make a choice of this kind. The workers were the first, during the pandemic, to ask for security, even going on strike to obtain it. I got vaccinated and I am because everyone gets vaccinated – continues the union leader – but here, let’s face it, we are faced with a stretch. It should never be forgotten that workers are citizens and have the rights and duties of all citizens. Confindustria, on the other hand, is concerned with enforcing the agreements against dismissals.

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