Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Green Party candidate wins in Kitchener Centre

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Candidate Aislinn Clancy and Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner (Archive photo)


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Green Party candidate Aislinn Clancy won the by-election in the Ontario riding of Kitchener Center on Thursday evening. For the first time in their history, the Greens will have two MPs in the Ontario Legislative Assembly.

Ms. Clancy received almost 48% of the vote, with a large lead over her closest rival, New Democrat Debbie Chapman, who received more than 26%.

Progressive Conservative Rob Elliott got just over 13% of the vote and Liberal Kelly Steiss got just under 8%.

Ms. Clancy is a school social worker and city councilor in Kitchener.

Now is the time to fight for better housing, child care, public transit and more in Queen's Park, a- she said in a written statement, promising to oppose Doug Ford.

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The Green Party previously had only one MP in Queen's Park: Leader Mike Schreiner, who represents the riding of Guelph.

Voters were called to the polls Thursday in the provincial riding of Kitchener Centre, to choose a successor to resigning MP Laura Mae Lindo of the New Democratic Party.

The latter left politics last summer to join the University of Waterloo.

The Conservatives obtained 26, 7% of the vote in the last general election, compared to 40.6% for the NDP.

Elections Ontario emphasizes that all results are unofficial as that the final results have not been published. Turnout in the by-election was just over 27%.

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