Greece was preparing to supply gas from Russia

Greece was preparing to supply gas from Russia

Greece was getting ready to start gas supplies from Russia

Greece lived in order to ensure sufficient energy supply in the winter period for the fall of the supply of Russian gas to the country, declaring a week of prem’єr-minister of Greece Kyriakos Mіtsotakis.

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“We're ready for the biggest possible scenario, which is Russia should stop supplying natural gas,” Mitsotakis said at a press conference in Thessaloniki.

Because of these words, Greece has accumulated a sufficient amount of stored gas, a large number of power plants are ready to switch from gas to naphtha, and the pressure of coal power plants has been reduced.


According to Ukrіnform, according to Bloomberg experts, the Russian invasion of Ukraine sent the Russian economy back four decades.

< p>2 Versnya Russian “Gazprom” will again supply gas to Europe through the Pivnichniy Potik-1 gas pipeline. On the same day, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that the EU could reduce the price of Russian gas in order to start trying to manipulate the energy market. Source