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Grave kilowatts: in Spain, cemeteries are being turned into solar power plants

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun4,2024

Zagrobni kilowatts: cemeteries are being turned into solar power plants in Spain

In total, cemeteries within the city of Valencia will produce 2.8 MW of electricity annually.

In In the Spanish city of Valencia, a clean energy production project called Requiem in Power appeared. It is planned to turn cemeteries into centers of energy production by installing a large number of solar panels there, writes IFLScience.

Many countries have already started large-scale projects for the production of electricity from renewable sources to abandon fossil fuels. In particular, many solar power plants have already been built and are being built around the world.

In the Spanish city of Valencia, they decided to create a solar power plant in the cemeteries of the city. Requiem in Power, which launched in May, aims to create the largest urban solar power plant in Spain. According to the plan, 6,658 solar panels will be installed in several city cemeteries.

Solar panels are planned to be installed on top of crypts and other buildings at five public cemeteries across the city. After the construction of all the solar panels is completed, they will produce 2.8 MW of electricity annually. The three cemeteries currently have 810 solar panels, enough to generate 440,000 kW of electricity per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 140 tons per year. The new solar power plant will be able to supply primarily utility companies, as well as some local households.

The Requiem in Power project is part of the “Valencia 2030” climate mission, in which the city intends to meet 27% of its energy needs through renewable sources. of France In particular, such a project was implemented on a group of islands located in the middle of Brier Marsh in France. The cemetery of this city is located to the east of the main island.

Some time ago, the townspeople started installing solar panels on the cemetery and plan to get 1.3 MW of electricity by 2025. This will help provide electricity to 4,000 residents of this area, writes Interesting Engineering.

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