Graduates in Russia will be certified until June 15

Graduates of the senior classes in Russia should obtain their certificates until June 15. The corresponding statement was made by Sergey Kravtsov, standing at the head of the national Ministry of education.

Выпускники в России получат аттестаты до 15 июня

This measure applies to students 9th and 11th grades, said the Minister, what happened in the meeting with participation of Vladimir Putin. Drew the attention of the Minister and that of the Russian Federation decided to cancel the exams for ninth-graders. Passing the exam is only for those who intend to go to College. At the same time, certification in the alternative should be carried out by teachers according to the results of ongoing assessments. In 11 classes it will be organized on a similar principle.

Earlier Vladimir Putin in his speech confirmed that throughout Russia, the conduct of the exam should start from July 29. On the background of the pandemic coronavirus have to provide additional protection for prospective students.

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