Goyo, Tostao and Slow, the members of ChocQuibTown, spoke with Infobae about their work as soloists: “Many people are afraid of going out alone, not us”

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The group, which these days is presenting their new song 'Los del vacile', is also preparing to perform in Qatar, in the midst of developing one of the sporting events in the world and told Infobae Colombia details


María Paula González

Goyo, Tostao and Slow, the members of ChocQuibTown, spoke with Infobae about their work as soloists: “A lot of people are afraid of going out alone, we are not”


If you talk about music from the Pacific, you are definitely talking about ChocQuibTown, the group made up of Goyo, Tostao and Slow< /b>who has managed to bring to the rest of the country and the world the sounds, not only of his region, but of his black roots. Over the past few days, the Chocoano group has been celebrating individual and collective achievements, such as the most recent release of 'Los del vacile'.

In dialogue with Infobae Colombia, the three members of ChocQuibTownThey talked about what keeps the group together, without affecting the personal projects of each one. In addition, they announced their arrival at the World Cup in Qatar, the presence they will have at the next Grammys and other good news.

The world inside ChocQuibTown

Although working together has positioned the trio as one of the most important on the international music scene, as well as serving as a benchmark for the sounds of the region, Goyo, Tostao and Slow they have their personal projects, and sometimes when each one promotes their individual work, it has been rumored that the grouping is over.

For the three artists, the relationship that exists between them allows them not only to keep ChocQuibTown present, but also to build on their other works. “People have not understood something very beautiful, we are three, the strength of the group is that each one has their own world. Everyone has their contribution and I dare to say that our plus was not the music, but ourselves”, said Slow.

A gigantic world in which each one has its own worldAnd the truth is, ChocQuibTown starts like this, as a platform for artists from the Pacific… Many people are afraid of going out alone, but not us, because it is the opportunity to continue creating and it is positive for us as artists”, Goyo added.

Goyo, Tostao and Slow, the members of ChocQuibTown, spoke with Infobae about their work as soloists: “A lot of people are afraid of going out alone, we are not”


For his part, Miguel Andrés Martínez, better known as Slow, added that “people have not given themselves the opportunity to see our projects solo, and I'm not saying that in a bad way, but there are people who know Goyo and Tostao, but they still don't know today that I am a producer, I have produced ChocQuibTown's music from the beginning”.

Nowadays, Slow is celebrating appearing in the nominations for 'Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album' and 'Best Album of the Year' at the Latin Grammys 2022, thanks to his work with Christina Aguilera on her new album 'Aguilera’. In this regard, the music producer expressed feeling very proud. “I am a musician in my studio, being taken into account in these spaces is always an honor, for me the Grammys are family, it is better to be taken into account than not … I give myself the applause and I go without expectation, but if I win I will give my daughter a very big gift”.

For his part, Tostao is still in the process of presenting all the songs from his solo album called 'Exótico pal mundo', through which he wants to show what he has called 'Exotic Rhythm', sounds from the Colombian Pacific that also have lyrics that give a voice to the inhabitants of that region of the country. “It is an adventure that I have embarked on fusing sounds and I am very happy with the reception that the couple of singles that I have released have had. I love going through the process of new bets.”

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GoyoHe is also receiving the fruits of his solo project, the product of a joint effort with HBO for a documentary series called 'En letra de otro' and his upcoming participation in the Latin Grammy gala. “I am very happy to have worked on a song with an artist that I greatly admire, who is La India … They are processes, I am learning with great joy and humility, understanding what which is going solo.”

“We started our careers individually, but since there was no reference like us, we made ChocQuibTown, this is our school. If today I go to the Grammys as Goyo, or exist as Goyo, it's because ChocQuibTown existed before,” said the vocalist.

ChocQuibTown is still present

Goyo, Tostao and Slow, the members of ChocQuibTown, spoke with Infobae about their work as soloists: “A lot of people are afraid of going out alone, we are not”


'Los del vacile' is a song that contains all the musical elements that have identified the musical career of this trio. Its video clip was recorded in the middle of the group's presentation at the last Petronio Álvarez Festival. As Goyo and Tostao explained, 'vacile' is an expression of enjoyment, “one can vacillate with family, friends or alone… we bring music to vacillate, it's a state of happiness and it's what that we want to transmit”.

The vocalist highlighted that in the middle of her presentation at the festival that highlights the sounds of the African diaspora and the Pacific, they wanted to record a video that captures what ChocQuibTown produces in their public and the energy they receive in return from those who have followed them for years. “El Petronio was the right place, with the right people, it was the first time we sang it live and we received the support of our people. In addition, we are proud to showcase our culture and people through our platforms”.

The group took the opportunity to recall the importance of having more of these types of spaces that highlight local talent, “there are people who only play once a year and they do so at the Petronio”, highlighted the singer, while Slow highlighted that “the groups are preparing for this important date, but after that, what's next for them? We must acquire a level of cultural commitment to the region, in addition to the Petronio, we must support other exhibition windows for emerging artists and entrepreneurs.”

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Recently, the The group also presented the song 'Rebelión', a reinterpretation of the salsa classic performed by Joe Arroyo, which will be part of the soundtrack of the biographical film of the Colombian composer . “The song starts from the traditional version, then Slow put the beats on it. I am proud to sing with my voice a song that talks about black history and leave that Joe stamp on the new generations.”

Finally, ChocQuibTown also confirmed that they will soon travel to Qatar as they are part of the artists invited to the activities scheduled at the Fifa Fan Festival. Goyo, Tostao and Slow will be at the event agreed for Friday, December 9, in which they hope to raise the Colombian flag, “since we didn't go with the National Team, we're going with our waver”.