Got it! New Zealand golfer threw the axe with incredible accuracy

Tanya Tara has experienced himself in a new sport. At the same time it was evident: she is in shock!

Famous new Zealand golfer of American origin Tanya Tara due to the lack of tournaments in his native sport tried another competition throwing axes for accuracy. And she brilliantly did it! One of the two guns that were used by the girl landed right in the middle of the target – like Robin hood in “Apple.” And at the same time it was evident: she is in shock!


“During the filming no one was hurt,” – said after throwing hatchets Tanya Tara in Instagram. “You’re the last of the Mohicans,” write to her in turn, followers

Earlier, the 31-year-old golfer Tanya Tara wowed the audience with incredible trick. At home, the representative of the sport that are addicted to Wladimir Klitschko and Andriy Shevchenko, climbed up on a large gym ball and keeping it balance, managed seven times to fill the Golf ball with the Golf club. After that, the kiwi chic for precision strike sent the ball right in the Cup of water, standing at the opposite end of the room. It turned out very impressive!

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