gorillas covid 19: Gorillas cough and catch colds;  13 gorillas tested positive for covid – at least 13 gorillas tested positive for covid-19 at atlanta zoo reports

September 13, 2021 by archyde


  • Kovid-19 for 13 gorillas
  • The incident took place at the Atlanta Zoo
  • Authorities say the gorillas are under surveillance

Atlanta: For the 13 gorillas at the Atlanta Zoo Kovid-19 Confirmed. The Kovid virus has been confirmed in gorillas, including Aussie, 60, the oldest male gorilla in the country, according to the Associated Press.

Zoo officials sent samples for testing, noting that the gorillas had coughs, runny noses and were tired of eating. The incident took place on Friday. A test conducted at a veterinary lab in Georgia showed that the gorillas were Kovid positive. Zoo officials said they were waiting for test results from the National Veterinary Service Lab in Iowa.

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The virus was discovered during a test at the University of Georgia’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Officials said they were monitoring the situation for complications as the virus had been confirmed.

All 20 gorillas at the zoo will be inspected, officials said. It is suspected that the gorillas were infected by the virus. All the staff here have completed the vaccination. They also take safety precautions such as masks and gloves.

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Authorities say there is no evidence that the virus is transmitted from gorillas to humans and that gorillas live far away from visitors. Sam Rivera, the zoo’s senior health director, said in a statement that they were concerned about the virus outbreak.

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Authorities are concerned that the virus could cause health problems for the 60-year-old OC. Authorities said the gorillas were being closely monitored and further preventive measures would be taken.

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