Google released Android 11 – an overview of key innovations

Google released Android 11 – an overview of key innovations

Android 11 Gets Screen Recorder, Merges Messengers, Added Support For New Screen Types And Tightens Security

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Google released Android 11 - an overview of key innovations

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After the official presentation in February 2020, Android 11 finally moved to the release version and became officially available for updating. It was a pleasant surprise that the list of smartphones that will receive the firmware on the first day of release turned out to be quite large compared to previous versions.

Now, owners of Google Pixel 2, 3, 3A, 4 and 4A, as well as OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro devices, will be able to install Android 11 on their smartphone. Also, the new firmware is available for some premium models from Xiaomi, Oppo and Realme. In the coming months, other manufacturers will start rolling out new devices with Android 11 and updating the firmware on older ones.

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The new version of the mobile operating system from Google is designed to make working with a smartphone more convenient. In particular, it's easier to manage conversations, connected devices, privacy settings, and more. Today, Lifestyle lists the key changes to Android 11.

Accessible communication

Android 11 has a dedicated notifications section for chats from different applications, so that you can manage conversations from instant messengers right there. In addition, it became possible to mark some chats as priority, so as not to miss messages from more important contacts.

Google released Android 11 - an overview of key innovations

Pop-up conversations make it easier and easier to do multiple tasks on your phone at the same time. From now on, you don't have to switch between apps to reply to a message.

Screen recording is now a built-in feature in Android 11, previously requiring a separate app to be installed. The function allows you to capture everything that happens on the display, and then share the video on social networks, upload it to YouTube or send it by mail. In this case, you can record sound from a microphone or from a device, or you can record sound from two sources at once.

Advanced Smart Device Management

All smart devices are now available in one section. To enter it, press and hold the power button. You no longer have to open multiple apps to control compatible connected devices like the thermostat or Smart Lock.

Google released Android 11 - an overview of key innovations

Communication with smart devices via Android 11

Google has redesigned its media controls and made them more user-friendly. Now you can quickly switch between devices that are playing music (for example, speakers and headphones) without interrupting the song. All phones with Android 11 now wirelessly connect to Android Auto, provided the vehicle is equipped with a compatible infotainment system.

Enhanced security

You can now set up one-time access for apps to microphone, camera, or location information. The next time the app needs access, it will ask for permission again.

On devices with Android 11, access for applications that have not been used for a long time will now be automatically reset – a corresponding notification will be sent about this. If the user decides to use the program again, he can restore the settings at any time.

Google released Android 11 - an overview of key innovations

Hardening security measures in Android 11

Android 11 introduces 12 additional modules for updating the system through Google Play as part of Project Mainline – now there are 22 of them. That is, through the application store on the phone, by analogy with updating applications, more security and privacy fixes will be received directly from Google. Instead of waiting for a new firmware to be released, security updates will arrive on the smartphone more quickly.

Android 11 will give Android Enterprise users an equal level of privacy on work and personal devices. If the user added a work account to their smartphone, the technical support department can manage the device without gaining access to personal data and actions on the smartphone.

Among other improvements in Android 11, it is worth noting a number of optimizations for mobile phones in 5G networks, support for new types of screens (perforated, teardrop notches, bending), integration with neural networks in Neural Networks API 1.3, and much more.

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