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Google reaches agreement ; amicable in a lawsuit targeting his “incognito” mode” /></p>
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<p class=The amount of the out-of-court settlement remains unknown for the moment, but the applicants were asking for $5 billion.

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American digital giant Google has agreed to reach an out-of-court settlement to avoid a trial in a class action claiming US$5 billion from it in connection with its “incognito” browsing mode.

Participants in the class action claimed that the Californian giant had spied on people who used private browsing mode in its Chrome browser – thus as similar “private” modes in other browsers.

In their class action filed in 2020, the plaintiffs claimed that Google misled its users into believing that their internet activities would not be tracked when they used “incognito” mode.

They argued, however, that Google's advertising technologies and other techniques continued to catalog details of users' visits and activities even if they used supposedly “private” browsing.

The amicable agreement, reached on Thursday, must still be approved by a US federal judge. Its terms were not disclosed, but the plaintiffs initially sought $5 billion on behalf of users.

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Attorneys for the plaintiffs said they plan to present a final settlement agreement to the court by February 24.

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