Google has launched a countdown to the launch of The Merge

Google has launched a countdown to the launch of The Merge

Google launched a reverse countdown to launch The Merge

Tech giant Google has launched a doodle with a countdown timer to activate The Merge update on the Ethereum network. /theSamPadilla/status/1568350158298955781?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Entering “Ethereum Merge” or “The Merge” into the search string displays the estimated time until the blockchain switches to the Proof-of-consensus algorithm Stake (PoS) based on current difficulty and hash rate. 

Doodle also contains an «easter egg»: a timer accompanies the drawing of a black and a polar bear, which are gradually approaching each other. When The Merge is activated, they will merge into a panda.

Google Cloud developer Sam Padilla was the first to talk about the new feature. According to him, the search engine employees created a timer within two weeks. He should show appreciation to the Ethereum team for “the work they have done over the years.”

Padilla clarified that the data for the timer comes in real time from the Ethereum network using nodes hosted by Google.

As a reminder, The Merge is expected to finish on September 15-16.

Last week, the Ethereum team activated the Bellatrix update. The upgrade is the last step before migrating the main network to the PoS algorithm.

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