Google has congratulated Ukrainians on the Day embroidered festive ludlam

Google поздравил украинцев с Днем вышиванки праздничным дудлом

Bright Doodle for the Day of vishivanki. Photo: press service

Google Day shirts congratulated Ukrainians bright festive ludlam, authored by Ukrainian artist Tanya Asenova.

In Ukraine vyshyvanka Day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of may. For the first time in our country it was proposed to celebrate in 2006, and since then, the festival became international.

For the formation of the pattern on the embroidery, you can use more than 250 types of embroidery stitches. They generally fall into three categories: floral, zoomorphic figures and geometric shapes — all are shown on Doodle Google. Each ornament has its own meaning, and different cultural and natural landscapes of Ukraine are reflected in unique patterns used in each region.

Author Doodle Tanya Asenova — award winning Illustrator from Kiev. It finds its inspiration in the avant-garde art and design of the twentieth century.

The artist has described how he worked on the creation of a Doodle, and what inspired her.

Most of the time when working on this project I have dove into the study of national embroidery and numerous patterns. I used traditional colors and tried to include symbols and styles of patterns from different regions of Ukraine. Most of the elements of a festive Doodle I created, inspired by the diversity of the traditional elements of embroidery from different parts of the country — from the Carpathian Hutsuls and the Crimean Tatars. Through this project I learned a lot of details, and it really was informative for me. I hope this Doodle will bring people joy, pride and sense of unity,” said Tanya Asenova.

Today, embroidery is recognized as an integral part of the national costume of Ukraine, and an expression of patriotism and cultural pride.

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