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Google has confirmed a serious vulnerability in the Samsung Galaxy security system

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul5,2024

Google has confirmed a serious vulnerability in the Samsung Galaxy security system

Security is one of the most important aspects of modern technology due to the growing risks on the Internet. A recent security issue in the Samsung Galaxy system, which occurred in the same area where a vulnerability was previously discovered in the Google Pixel, forced Samsung to work around the clock to fix the flaws. It is important for Samsung Galaxy users to update their devices as soon as possible, especially if they have already installed the June patch that revealed the vulnerability.

According to posts from Samsung developers, the patch coming this July will fix several of the most critical security issues on Samsung devices. However, work on the update is not yet complete, so Samsung is urging users to take steps to secure their devices until these issues are fully resolved.

These issues are related to the stock version of Android, which is why the Pixel phones are the first , on which similar security violations were recorded. It was previously thought that these problems would not affect other brands, but now it has become known that they affect other devices as well, including Samsung. The company is working around the clock to fix as many vulnerabilities as possible in the next security patches.

Unfortunately, technology in general, that is, devices that require software to function, can be attacked by external actors. These issues can range from breaching user privacy to overstressing components such as the processor, which can also become a victim of a cyber attack. Therefore, the security departments of various companies are called upon to gradually eliminate all identified problems.

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