Good game for the Bogota team that achieved three points in the Metropolitano. 

Good game for the Bogota team that achieved three points in the Metropolitano. 

Millionaires went to Barranquilla determined to get Junior into more trouble, to tie him up, to not let him play, and seek, as he always does, victory. And he achieved it 0-1 in a good game in Barranquilla, on date 13 of the League, with a goal by Jàder Valencia.

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Good game of Millionaires

It was an intense game, with maximum risk for both defenses. In Junior, there was a large offensive volume with Sambueza, Bacca, Cariaco González and a great deployment of the winger Pacheco.

In the blue team, Carlos Gómez stood out, who with his speed and dribbling disturbed Sebastián Viera's goal more than once. He was the different player, not only from Millonarios, but from the match.

Good game for the Bogota-team that got three points at the Metropolitano. 

In any case, the one with the need was the coastal side, who, aware of this, went out to look for the match, created their chances: Bacca had a good that goalkeeper Juanito Moreno avoided him; Pacheco and Sambueza defined from above in other arrivals.

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There was even a controversial action, due to an alleged hand in the area and a penalty for Junior called by the central player Éder Vergara, who after reviewing the VAR, he changed his decision.

The first half was even, Junior taking the initiative and Millonarios, who had Montero, Llinás, Vargas and Vásquez as casualties, responding with speed, order and touch. The best option for the blue box in the first half was precisely a shot by Gómez that Viera demanded.

In the second half, Millonarios felt more comfortable, despite the wear and tear of the match. Junior was getting desperate, because he lost the formula. And yet, the great emotion of that final part was once again due to Gómez.

At times, Millonarios felt so comfortable that he made a showy game, without wearing himself out.

El lunar blue was Mackalister Silva's annoyance, who at minute 78 fell and grabbed his left leg, left with complaints and set off the alarms. Apparently it was just a cramp.

And when the game was over, in stoppage time, Gómez appeared once again, with a fast-paced run, he faced Viera, who won the duel, but Jáder Valencia appeared on the rebound to define. The judge annulled the goal, but after reviewing the VAR, he validated the annotation that was legitimate.

Millonarios reached 27 points, is solid, unstoppable, and left Junior with more problems.

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