Good Doctor season 4: Shaun facing the coronavirus in the first teaser

Good Doctor season 4: Shaun facing the coronavirus in the first teaser

Good Doctor season 4: the first teaser with Freddie Highmore While TF1 is currently broadcasting season 3 of Good Doctor, the series with Freddie Highmore will be back in November in the United States for its season 4. A first teaser has just been unveiled and, while not 100% new footage, it does provide a glimpse into the new life of doctors at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Warning, this article contains spoilers on the end of season 3 of the medical series.

If you love watching series because they allow you to get away from it all and not think about the gloomy daily life of this year 2020, medical series may not be the best programs to follow in this (delayed) return to the series. Whether it's Grey's Anatomy, The Resident or Good Doctor, all will include the Covid-19 pandemic in their scenarios. First to make its comeback on small American screens? Good Doctor with episode 1 of season 4, scheduled for November 2.

Shaun facing a patient in the first teaser

While the filming of season 4 of Good Doctor began only a few weeks ago, the ABC channel which broadcasts the series has unveiled the very first teaser, published on the TVLine site. In the program ? A summary of old images from the series (including the famous kiss of Shaun and Lea at the end of season 3) but also a new sequence: we can see Shaun (Freddie Highmore) in full protective gear facing a patient potentially infected with Covid-19. For its part, the Entertainment Weekly site published a first photo of Dr Murphy.

Good Doctor season 4: Shaun facing the coronavirus in the first teaser

Good Doctor season 4: the first photo of Shaun (Freddie Highmore)

The coronavirus almost was not included in the series

For EW, David Shore, the creator of Good Doctor , reveals that the Covid-19 was almost absent from the scenario. ” We considered not doing it. We're not sure people want to watch what they've been going through for so long. But it didn't feel right to us for a medical series (…) These stories deserve to be watched. told “he confided. This situation will obviously have an impact on our hero. ” Shaun is going to bring his own perspective on the frustrations medical teams around the world are going through. This uncertainty, the dangers, the failures. And the masks ” teased the creator who adds, ” We will explore, as we are already doing, the experiences of patients who are alone, far from their families during these desperate times (…) but also the rest of us, in good health, who cannot move and the sometimes funny challenges that we face when we is locked up with those we love “.

Season 4 of Good Doctor arrives November 2 in the United States on ABC. Season 3 continues every Tuesday from 9:05 p.m. on TF1.

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