Good Doctor season 3: 7 things you will see in the rest of the series

Good Doctor season 3: 7 things you will see in the rest of the series

Good Doctor season 3: 7 things you will see in the rest of the series

Good Doctor season 3: 7 things you will see in the sequel to the series Dr. Shaun Murphy is ready for consultations! Interrupted last November, the broadcast of season 3 of Good Doctor resumes on TF1 this Tuesday, September 22 at 9:05 p.m. A suite under the sign of love … but not only! Can't remember what happened in the previous episodes? PRBK gives you a recap and reveals 7 things that you will see in the sequel. This article contains spoilers (but not too much promised!).

Where were we already?

Because November is very far away, a recap is in order! At the start of Good Doctor Season 3, Dr Lim (Christina Chang) became head of the surgical department and Andrews (Hill Harper) joined the team of surgeons. Despite recommendations from the human resources department, Lim and Melendez (Nicolas Gonzalez) decided to continue their relationship in secret. For his part, Shaun (Freddie Highmore) got into a relationship with Carly (Jasika Nicole). In Episode 3, Claire (Antonia Thomas) faced the death of her mother in a car accident.

What you will see next

Since the entire season 3 was broadcast in the United States, we already know what awaits us in the sequel to Good Doctor . If you want to avoid all spoilers, go your way. If you want to know more but without spoiling it all, you can continue reading!

Shaun's first time

Yes, you read that right, Shaun is going to take it up a notch with Carly! It is in episode 9 that the two characters will make love for the first time, which will also be Shaun's very first time. For the hero of Good Doctor , this third season is placed under the sign of change and love. But obviously, expect a few complications along the way. Yes, romantic relationships are far from simple …

A break and a rapprochement

The Lim / Melendez couple will not be around for very long. It is in episode 8, broadcast this Tuesday in the second part of the evening that the couple will break up. A final separation! But over the course of the season, the surgeon will get closer to a member of his team. Who ? Response to come on TF1!

Nothing is going well for Claire

The death of Claire's mother will have more than one consequence for the young doctor. Although she will try to hide it from her colleagues, Claire will experience a real descent into hell, between too drunken evenings and short-lived relationships that will bring complications in her professional life. Despite these difficult times, the character will still gain the upper hand before it's too late. A moving plot notably thanks to the performance of Antonia Thomas.

Good Doctor season 3: 7 things you will see in the rest of the series

Good Doctor season 3: Claire facing trials

Morgan and his secret

Morgan Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann) is one of the most competitive … but she is hiding a heavy secret from us. It is in episode 8 that she reveals to Glassman (Richard Schiff) that she suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory degenerative disease that affects the joints and could end her career. A secret that she will try to hide at all costs, even if it means putting her health in danger. Will she be able to continue to practice her profession despite the risks?

A trip to Shaun's past

Shaun's past will be remembered in episode 10. The surgeon, accompanied by Dr. Glassman and Lea, will return home and see his parents for the first time in a very long time, his father being dying. A very moving episode where Freddie Highmore is simply overwhelming, as is often the case in the series.

Shaun's choice

Carly or Lea? Lea or Carly? So yes, Shaun will be in a relationship with Carly during season 3 but that does not prevent Lea (Paige Spara) from still being there and Shaun from wondering about his feelings for his former neighbor who became his roommate. For those who can't stand love triangles, we can assure you that the doctor will make his choice by the end of the season. So, Lea or Carly?

Good Doctor season 3: 7 things you will see in the rest of the series

Good Doctor season 3: Shaun will he choose Lea or Carly?

A natural disaster and a big death

Do you miss Grey's Anatomy and its catastrophes? Good Doctor is also doing it for the last two episodes of season 3: an earthquake will take place and endanger several doctors. The final will even be fatal to one of them since an important character will die. If you want to discover his identity, you can click on the link opposite or wait for the broadcast of the final on TF1. One thing is certain, the emotion will be there!

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